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Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein
Custard Plant Protein
Powered By: Muscle Nation

Plant Protein Custard

  • 3g of Fibre Per Serve
  • 22.5g of Protein
  • Delicious, Guilt-Free Snack
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Vegan Friendly
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Elevate your snacking game with Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein, the ultimate vegan-friendly treat that doesn't skimp on flavour or nutrition. Whether your taste leans towards the rich and indulgent Double Chocolate or the sweet and savoury Salted Caramel, this custard plant protein powder is designed to satisfy your cravings while fueling your body with high-quality plant protein and fibre.

Perfect for anyone seeking a delicious, guilt-free snack or dessert that aligns with a healthy lifestyle.

Key Features

  • Decadent Flavors: Choose from the deep, rich layers of Double Chocolate or the perfect balance of sweet and savoury in Salted Caramel, each with unique textures and crunch pieces for a truly satisfying experience.
  • Rich in Protein: With 22.5g of pea protein per serving, this custard supports muscle maintenance and growth, making it a nutritious choice for fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking to increase their protein intake.
  • Low Carb and High Fiber: At just 6.3g of carbohydrates and 3g of dietary fibre per serving, it's designed to support your dietary goals without compromising taste or texture.
  • Infused with Healthy Fats: Contains a 1.6g MCT blend for an energy boost and to support overall wellness, making it a well-rounded addition to your diet.
  • Free From Common Allergens: This custard plant protein is nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and crafted to be enjoyed by all, regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • Vegan-Friendly and Non-GMO: Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, Muscle Nation ensures a natural, plant-based treat that's environmentally conscious.

Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein is not just any snack; it's a delightful escape into the world of guilt-free indulgence, combining the nutritional benefits of plant protein with the exquisite flavours of Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Whether you're looking for a post-exercise treat, a midday snack, or a sweet end to your day, Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein is designed to delight your taste buds while supporting your health and fitness goals.

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Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein
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  • How do I achieve the perfect custard consistency with Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein?

    For the best consistency, start by mixing 2 scoops (40g) with 90-100ml of water or your preferred plant-based milk. Adjust the liquid according to your desired thickness, stirring until you achieve a smooth, creamy texture. For a thinner consistency, simply add more liquid.

  • Is Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein suitable for baking or cooking?

    Absolutely! This versatile protein powder can be incorporated into various recipes, from baking muffins and pancakes to creating protein bars. The custard flavor adds a delicious twist to your healthy treats.

  • Are there any artificial sweeteners in Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein?

    No, this custard protein uses natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, monk fruit, and stevia, providing a guilt-free sweetness without artificial additives.

  • How does Muscle Nation ensure the vegan friendliness of Custard Plant Protein?

    Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, ensuring it's vegan-friendly. The brand adheres to strict ingredient sourcing and production processes to maintain its vegan status.

  • Can Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein help with weight management?

    Yes, its high protein content and low carb profile can support weight management goals by promoting satiety, reducing cravings, and supporting muscle maintenance during calorie restriction.

Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein
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