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Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass

Max's Supersize and Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass are two of the most popular mass gainers on the market. Optimum Nutrition are one of the top names in protein worldwide, and Max's is one of Australia's most successful supplement manufacturers. There is a lot of choice when it comes to mass gainers, and many differences between products. Let's compare these two top tier proteins.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass Ingredients

At first glance, mass gainers all have a pretty standard formulation, made up of protein and carbs. This is true, but it is only a small part of the story. The biggest differences between mass gainers lie in the ratio of protein to carbohydrate, and this is where Supersize differs from Serious Mass.

With two parts carbohydrate to each part protein, Max's Supersize sits toward the lean gainer end of the spectrum. The protein content in Supersize is derived entirely from whey concentrate, a high quality dairy protein, and the carbohydrate comes from corn maltodextrin. This simple formulation is supplemented with a vitamin and mineral blend.

Serious Mass is an ultra high calorie mass gainer with five parts carbohydrate to each part protein. Unlike Supersize, the protein fraction is a blend, with super fast absorbing, muscle building, glutamine peptides at one end of the spectrum, joined by slower digesting whey concentrate, egg white and sodium caseinate. Like Supersize, this blend is paired with a vitamin and mineral supplement but also contains creatine and glutamine for an extra muscle building boost. Serious Mass' seriously huge carbohydrate content comes from maltodextrin.

Winner: Serious Mass. While Max's simple, no frills formulation is to be applauded, it's hard to go past the comprehensive protein blend and the extra muscle building ingredients in Serious Mass.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass Dosage

Supersize may be a simple formulation, but with a good dose of high quality protein, quality carbs and a great blend of vitamins and minerals, it has everything needed to put on lean muscle. Serious Mass has a more complex formula than Supersize, and also contains well dosed macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The added muscle building ingredients in Serious Mass are a great idea, and have the potential to be effective, but at 1g per serve, many people would consider creatine to be underdosed, and question the decision to add such a small amount of glutamine to an already protein-rich formula.

These products are both likely to be highly effective at the recommended doses, for their respective purposes. The ratio of protein to carbohydrate in Supersize is a great general formula, that will help the average person to gain lean muscle without putting on too much fat, while Serious Mass, with a whopping 1250 kcal per serve, will help even the hardest gainer put on weight.

Winner: Supersize. Although both products are well dosed in terms of macronutrients, Supersize keeps it simple and doesn't include extra ingredients that could be considered underdosed.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass Effectiveness

These two products are both highly effective in the different roles they perform. Supersize is perfect for someone trying to put on lean muscle who may have a tendency to put on fat. It is common for the metabolism to slow down with age, and a product like Supersize provides a good ratio of protein and carbohydrate energy for someone with average energy needs.

On the other hand, people with high energy expenditure require a huge number of calories to maintain the positive energy balance needed to put on muscle, and Serious Mass, packing a huge number of calories within its massive serving size, delivers. This is the perfect formulation for hardgainers, young people with fast metabolisms, or people who burn through huge amounts of energy with their very physical lifstyle.

Effectiveness: Supersize. Both of these products are very effective, but suited to different purposes. With a general formula that will benefit more people, Supersize takes out the prize, but people considering a mass gainer need to consider their individual situation when choosing a product.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass Taste & Mixability

The serving size of mass gainers can influence how easy they are to use. This is particularly the case for products like Serious Mass, which prescribes a whopping 334g serving mixed with 709mL of fluid. Serious Mass is a slightly less daunting prospect, at 120g per 500mL of liquid. These doses can, of course, be split, but the inconvenience of a large serving size is an unavoidable consequence of using a mass gainer.

Both of these proteins taste great, come in a variety of classic flavours, and nobody would be disappointed with either, however, There is a clear winner in the taste stakes.

Winner: Supersize. Max's is known for their delicious flavours, and Supersize is no exception. With a smaller serving size, Supersize may prove more convenient than Serious Mass.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass Price & Value

It is diffficult to calculate relative value of these proteins, because they are two very different products, suited to different types of people, and both are very effective, which is the ultimate measure of value.

At $6.13 per 334g serving, Serious Mass is more expensive per serve than Supersize, which, when bought in a 4kg box, comes in at $2.70 per 120g, recommended 2-3 times per day.

With a higher proportion of protein than Serious Mass, Supersize would be expected to be significantly more expensive than Serious Mass, however it has quite a similar price per gram. This may be due to the more extensive and varied ingredient list in Serious Mass.

Winner: Supersize, but both products deliver great value through the results they produce.

Max's Supersize vs Serious Mass Overall Verdict

Winner: Max's Supersize. Although it looks like this was almost a clean sweep for Supersize, both of these proteins are excellent choices for different people. The most important factor when choosing a mass gainer protein is individual circumstance. A hardgainer would not see much benefit from Supersize, and there are a lot of people who would put on fat using Serious Mass. Serious Mass and Supersize are both very popular products made by companies at the top of their game, and we are very confident in recommending either.

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