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Maxs Reload HGF Review

Maxs Reload HGF is one of the few Australian made and owned 100% hydrolysed whey protein powders on the market. Hydrolysed whey proteins are generally the most expensive type of protein powders available, which could be one reason why there are only a handful of Australian supplement manufacturers who have ventured to make them.

Maxs Reload HGF Ingredients

One of the key obstacles to tackle when formulating a hydrolysed whey protein is flavour. Whey hydrolysates are notorious for having a bitter taste; however, the extent of bitterness depends partly on the type of enzyme used to break down the protein. As a general rule, the higher the degree of hydrolysis, the higher the bitterness. Another way of putting it is the higher the peptide content, the higher bitterness.

So what about the degree of hydrolysis and peptide content in Maxs Reload HGF? Well, Maxs don’t actually give any detail on this other than to say the powder contains "bioactive peptide fractions". Astute supplement users will be aware that other companies producing hydrolysed whey protein powders differentiate themselves by means their di-peptide and tri-peptide content claims.

Given Maxs don’t go into any detail about the specific breakdown of peptides in Reload HGF, it’s probably safe to say that the di- and tri-peptide content is minimal. Another clue as to the degree of hydrolysis is the inherent bitterness of the powder. Reload HGF has a very reasonable and pleasant taste (considering it’s a 100% hydrolysate), with barely any notes of bitterness. This in itself suggests it not likely to carry a high degree of hydrolysis.

Maxs Reload HGF Highlights

Only Hydrolysed Whey

Reload HGF exclusively uses hydrolysed whey protein as its single protein source. Unlike like many competitor ‘hyrolysed’ protein powders, Maxs Reload HGF is not diluted with whey protein isolate or concentrates. Hydrolysed whey protein is much more expensive than normal whey protein, which is whey so many supplement companies choose to provide a mix of hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate. It's also the reason you often find whey protein hydrolysate the last in the list of whey protein ingredients in a blended whey protein supplement.

Added Glutamine Peptides

To their credit Maxs where one of the first supplement companies to start adding glutamine peptides to their protein powders some years ago. Widely acknowledged and used in clinical/medical nutrition as a more effective and stable form of glutamine, glutamine peptides (or l-alanyl-l-glutamine) are more effective at boosting glutamine levels in the body than normal free form l-glutamine. Glutamine peptides also don’t breakdown in solution like l-glutamine does. But all this comes at a cost; glutamine peptides are much more expensive than free form l-glutamine. This is an important consideration when trying to reason the relatively high cost of Maxs Reload HGF.

Ingredient Dosing Transparency

One of the all round great things about Maxs products is that each one is packaged in a container with an information-rich label. Maxs go to great lengths to details the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of exactly what their products contain and why they are superior. Maxs Reload HGF is no exception. By listing the precise amount of glutamine peptides and taurine that are added to the product as well as the usual nutritional info like fat, carb and protein content, it’s very easy for the discerning reader to get a pretty good idea of the amount of flavouring, sweetener and gums that are added to the supplement.

In one sense, this is both the products strength and weakness. For example, with just 60mg of taurine per serve and 200mg per 100g, you really have to wonder why Maxs went to the trouble of adding it to the product. Likewise, once you know that there is only 200mg of taurine in every 100g, it follows that when combined together; all the flavours, sweeteners, colours, vitamins and minerals in the powder amount to less than 200mg in every 100g of powder. However, on the flip side, with 3.3g of glutamine dipeptides in every hundred grams, there’s over 95g of protein powder in every 100g, which makes for a very impressive protein content, particularly when compared with your average whey protein hydrolysate, most of which struggle to top 80% protein content.


When you open a tub of Maxs Reload HGF you will find a sealed foil bag inside with the powder enclosed, rather than just the powder in the bucket itself. There are a couple of other supplement companies who employ this practice, but assumedly it is designed to keep the powder fresh and minimise exposure to air. The other advantage is that you can easily transfer the sealed foil bag into another container or into a suitcase/bag for travel purposes if need be.

Maxs Reload HGF Cons

Non-Specific Protein Description

The descriptive text on the label of Maxs Reload HGF makes claims about the content of bioactive peptides such as insulin like growth factors 1 & 2 (IGF 1 & 2), transfer growth factors 1 & 2 (TGF1 & 2), immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. However the ingredient panel on the product does not make any reference to the actual levels of these growth factors. So one can only assume that they are present in negligible amounts. In contrast, Horleys is an example of a company who does provide the exact breakdown of protein/peptide fractions in their protein supplements.


While Maxs Reload HGF ranks at the top of the whey protein hydrolysate category in terms of its protein content, it also has a price tag to match. With the average 1kg tub fetching anywhere between $80 - $100, Maxs Reload HGF is certainly not for your average cash-strapped gym junkie.

Limited Flavours

The other minor drawback with Maxs Reload HGF is that it only comes in a single flavour; namely chocolate. While chocolate is the most popular flavour when with comes to protein powders, there would certainly be some who prefer other flavours. What’s more, when paying top dollar for a protein powder like Reload HGF, one expects to be able to choose from a range of flavours.

Maxs Reload HGF Verdict

The best selling point about Reload HGF is that it is Australian made, only contains 100% hydrolysed whey protein isolate, and has a very high protein content. However, with the lack of details on the percentage hydrolysis and specific peptide content, Reload HGF is not likely to top the list of hydrolysates for its di or tri-peptide content. And with a hefty price tag, Reload HGF doesn’t lend itself to the cash-strapped trainer just looking to get whatever hydrolysate he/she can afford. But there’s no doubting the quality of Reload HGF and its great taste. All-in-all a great hydrolysate for those Aussies eager to support Australian supplement companies.

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