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Maxine's Shape Up Challenge 2014 Preparation

Maxine's Shape Up Challenge is finally here! Now is the time to take the plunge and complete your registration. This means setting up a profile, stocking the pantry with healthy food, and getting your hands on some delicious Maxine's products. There are a number of decisions to make – Do the Tone & Shape program, or are you ready to Get Strong? Go it on your own, with a partner, or join a group?


While we can't help you muster the courage to take the 'before' photo, we can help you achieve the best transformation you can by making the most out of the preparation time leading up to the 12 week challenge. We're going to post new advice on getting through the challenge every week. Let's get started!

Maxine's Shape Up Challenge Preparation Nutrition

Nutrition is at the heart of Maxine's challenge. A healthy diet is the main driving force behind weight loss, and provides the energy and nutrition for the muscle toning that will take place over this three month period. While the challenge provides dietary guidelines, these are loose and designed to be used as a basis for a diet tailored to individual needs and preferences. There are a number of nutritional factors to think about when preparing for the Shape Up Challenge:

  • What is your daily calorie goal?
  • What split of macronutrients are you going to aim for?
  • How are you going to ensure you get sufficient protein?
  • Do you know how to count calories and read a food label?
  • Have you considered an app like My Fitness Pal to monitor your food intake and exercise?

Maxine's Shape Up Challenge Preparation Training

For a lot of people, Maxine's Challenge will be the first time in a while that they have embarked on a regular training program. The right training is just as essential as proper nutrition for toning and transforming the body. There are resources available through the challenge that can help you plan a training schedule, but there are a number of things to consider while preparing for the challenge:

  • Do you know your baseline levels of fitness and strength?
  • Have you planned to do both cardio and weights?
  • Does your training plan neglect or overwork any muscle groups or areas of the body?
  • Do you need to have any injuries or conditions checked by a doctor before starting?
  • Do you need to purchase any equipment?
  • Have you made time in your schedule for training?

Maxine's Shape Up Challenge Preparation Psychology

Being in the right mindset is essential to success.  A confident, motivated person working toward well defined goals will get better results than somebody who is not prepared and does not know what to expect.  There are a number of simple ways to maximise your chances of success:

  • Set realistic goals and don't be afraid to revise them
  • Prepare to track your progress
  • Plan celebrations for breakthroughs or milestones
  • Read and learn as much as you can about nutrition and exercise
  • Talk to people who have done the challenge before for tips and advice
  • Utilise resources like Mr Supplement's online articles
  • Consider doing the challenge with a friend for support and motivation

Maxine's Shape Up Challenge Preparation Supplements

Maxine's Shape up challenge gets bigger every year, and its a great idea to stock up on Maxine's products before the rush. The last thing you want is to compromise your progress by missing out.

  • Try a great value Tone, Shape & Get Strong value pack to save money
  • Try different flavours for variety
  • Keep in mind that women in the Maxine's Challenge can also use Max's products
  • Remember that Mr Supplement has next day delivery to most areas

Finally, relax. Changes can be daunting, but there's a lot of support out there, and Mr Supplement will be running weekly articles with tips and advice on making the most out of the Challenge. In the end, the physical results and feeling of achievement will be worth it, no to mention the chance of taking away a cash prize. Good luck!

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