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Maxine's MCT
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Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Capsules

  • Provides Instant Muscle Fuel
  • Support Fat Oxidation
  • Boost Thermogenesis
  • Convenient & Fast Absorbing Capsules
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Maxine's MCT Capsules are a high-quality dose of Medium Chain Triglycerides in a convenient capsule form! MCT's help boost fat oxidation and thermogenesis making them the perfect addition to your lean bodybuilding stack. They can also provide fast fuel for muscles to help boost energy and enhance vitality.

Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) are a good source of fat digested more easily than longer chain fatty acids found in many foods. Typically extracted from coconut, studies around MCTs have shown an increase in weight loss through the increased release of fat burning hormones such as Leptin.

Studies also suggested that MCTs reduced lactate build up and assisted in utilising fat for energy, in turn increasing both endurance and overall performance. This is because unlike other fatty acids MCTs pass straight through the gut to the liver where they are then able to be utilised as a source of energy or converted into ketones.

If you’re looking to promote both weight loss and increase energy levels, MCT in a convenient capsule form is the perfect addition to your supplement stack.

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Maxine's MCT
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  • What Maxine's supplements can I combine their MCT with?

    Maxine's MCT Oil capsules may successfully be combined with any supplement within the Maxines range.

  • Is Maxine's MCT a soft gel capsule?

    Yes they are.

  • Will Maxine's MCT help me lose weight?

    Yes. Taken in conjunction with a healthy calorie controlled diet or low carbohydrate diet Maxine's MCT may assist with weight loss.

  • Is Maxine's MCT designed for women?

    Maxine's MCT Oil may be taken by women or men.

Maxine's MCT
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