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Maxine's Burn Protein Shake Review

Maxine's Burn Protein Shake is one of the most popular woman's proteins on the market for a reason. It has a good blend of proteins, making it versatile and well absorbed, as well as added fat burning and carbohydrate blocking ingredients for the weight loss aspect that a fair number of women are looking for. Throw in its excellent taste and Maxine's Burn Protein is a product that won't disappoint.

Maxine's Burn Protein Shake Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Isolate – fast absorbed protein
  • Whey Protein Concentrate – medium/fast absorbed protein
  • Calcium Caseinate – slow absorbed protein
  • Cocoa – for flavour and fat burning
  • Phaseolamin (white kidney bean extract) – carbohydrate blocker
  • Hydroxycitric Acid (garcinia cambogia extract) – carbohydrate blocker
  • Green Coffee Extract – fat burner/carbohydrate blocker
  • L-carnitine – fat burner
  • Green Tea Extract – fat burner
  • Choline – fat burner
  • Inositol – increases insulin sensitivity
  • Vitamins and minerals – for general health and vitality

Maxine's Burn Protein Shake Pros

This product is based on a solid blend of protein, with both long and short acting to make sure it is fully absorbed and a sustained release. This means it has only the amount of calories as a banana or two apples, but will keep you feeling full and satisfied for a very long time. The high quality protein will also help you build strong, lean muscles and recover faster.

It has a nice range of both fat burning and carbohydrate blocking ingredients, with the ever popular green coffee extracts. The addition of a range of vitamins and minerals also means this supplement can be used as a meal replacement.


Maxine's Burn Protein Shake Cons

Some of the fat burning ingredients are not included in as high a levels as we would like to see. Green tea in particular has only 25mg, whereas it is needed in doses at least 10 times that. This can in part be overcome by having more than one serving a day.

Maxine's Burn Protein Shake Taste and Mixability

Maxine's Burn is one of the best tasting weight loss protein on the market. Weight loss formulas are often difficult to get to taste nice due to the inclusion of bitter fat burning ingredients and the lack of carbohydrates and sugar that could be used to sweeten it, but this product mixes well and is exceptionally easy to drink. It also comes in a four different varieties of flavours so there's something for every taste – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Choc Latte.

Maxine's Burn Protein Shake Verdict

A very versatile product for both after workouts and as a meal replacement, this shake is an extremely useful supplement for those looking to lose weight and keep their muscle mass. The great taste is a massive plus, and means you are more likely to actually use the product and get to the bottom of the tub.

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