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Maxine’s Night Time Review

Maxine’s are definitely one of the most successful ladies supplement brands in Australia. These protein specialists have recently added to their line up with a new and unique slow release night time protein, Maxine’s Night Time.

Maxine’s Night Time Highlights

  • Slow release protein blend, perfect for before bed
  • Added non-stimulant fat burners, calming herbs, vitamins & minerals
  • Great Maxine’s taste and mixability

Maxine’s Night Time Ingredients

The protein base for Night Time contains micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, and calcium caseinate. In addition, there is added fat burning ingredients such as raspberry ketones, green coffee extract, African mango, and green tea extract. There is also skullcap and chamomile, which are calming herbs, topped off with a vitamin and mineral blend.

Each 25 g serve contains 20 g protein, 1.8 g carbs, and 0.7 g fat.

Maxine’s Night Time Benefits & Pros

Fans familiar with Maxine’s parent company, Max’s, would immediately recognise the formula of Maxine’s Night Time, which is very reminiscent of Max’s Nite Time. This is definitely not a bad thing because Max’s Nite Time is one of the best casein proteins around.

The protein blend is predominantly slow release, which is what you would want from a night time product. However, the small amount of whey protein is a great fast acting source which will enter the blood stream more rapidly. All this means that your body stays fuelled during the night, assisting with muscle tone, and it also helps to ensure you wake up not absolutely starving for food.

Unlike many other casein proteins on the market, Night Time contains a range of fat burning ingredients to assist with fat loss. Not to worry though, because none of these ingredients are stimulant based and will not interfere with your sleep. On the contrary, Night Time also includes a couple of calming herbs, skullcap and camomile, to assist with restful sleep.

Night Time also includes a full vitamin and mineral blend, which makes it quite useful as a meal or snack replacement. Just because it is named “Night Time”, doesn’t mean you should be afraid to use it during the day. The slow release blend makes it an ideal product to help you feel fuller in between meals.

Maxine’s Night Time Negatives & Cons

When we first saw Maxine’s Night Time, we were surprised to see its packaging. It is a large deviation away from what we have grown to expect from a Maxine’s product. Gone is the red box with the Maxine’s girl, and in place is completely different blue and white. If you are looking out for this product, be sure to keep this in mind, because it does not look the way you’d expect.

Although Night Time is great for use before bed, and even as a snack replacement, remember that the protein blend is ultimately very slow. It therefore makes the product unsuitable for use after training as a recovery protein. For this, we would instead recommend the original Maxine’s Burn Shake. Having both these products in your pantry would be ideal.

Maxine’s Night Time Taste & Mixability

One thing that Maxine’s is well known for is its fantastic taste and mixability. The flavour system of Night Time is typical of Maxine’s products, in that it is fantastic. One of the additional benefits to having a blend of casein and whey is that the texture of Night Time is far smoother than the average casein. Although not as smooth as 100% whey, Night Time is well above average for a casein protein.

Maxine’s Night Time Verdict

Maxine’s Night Time combines the benefits of Maxines Burn with Max’s Nite Time. This fat burning casein is perfect for use by ladies before bed, and brings unique attributes previously unseen in caseins. If you are after a slow release protein which has added fat burners, Maxine’s Night Time may be your only choice, but it’s certainly a good one.

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