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Labrada ElastiJoint
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Joint Formula for Active People

  • Maintain Flexibility & Feed Connective Tissue
  • Reduce Joint Stiffness & Inflammation
  • Assist Post-workout Joint & Tissue Recovery
  • Improve & Strengthen Muscle
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Labrada Nutrition ElastiJoint Joint Support Formula is designed for active people who have joint stress, experience joint stiffness due to the natural aging process, or for people who want to do all they can to maintain flexibility. Using Labrada ElastiJoint can help maintain healthy joints and helps feed connective tissue. Instead of a handful of pills, try just one small serving mixed easily with water or your favorite beverage.

  • All you Need in One Daily Dose
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Joints, Helps Feed Connective Tissues
  • Contains: 5000mg Collagen, 2000mg MSM, 1500mg Glucosamine, 1200mg Chondrotin
  • A Month's Supply per Bottle!

Labrada's ElastiJoint is the Key to Less Joint Pain When You Train!

With the popular fitness media promoting the importance of nutrition for your muscles, it may come as a surprise to you that your joints may be holding you back from attaining a bigger, more muscular physique!

If you are a weight-training athlete, the strength of your joints can become the limiting factor in your ability to use the heavier training poundages necessary to stimulate bigger, stronger muscles. If your joints aren’t up to handling heavier weights, you’re going to pay with diminished muscle gains and injuries. In short, you aren’t going to make the kind of progress you desire. Worse yet, your progress may be brought to a screeching halt with an injury.

Why do joint injuries occur?

Sometimes your joints can become overly stressed by heavy repetitive activity. At other times, muscles can become stronger than the joints they are attached to. In both situations, joint aches and injuries can occur. And nothing will sideline you faster than an injured joint. But there’s good news.
Like muscles, joints can be nourished and strengthened nutritionally. Whether you want to improve joint strength, are suffering from aching joints, or are rehabilitating an injured joint, you need to know about my amazing new joint support formula. I call it ElastiJoint®, and it works!

Feeding Your Joints

When athletes want to build muscle, they train intensely, rest, and consume lots of protein. Protein is valuable because it contains the building blocks of muscle—amino acids. A steady stream of amino acids provides your muscles with the support they need to recover from workouts and grow. And as muscles grow, they need increasing amounts of protein.

But how do you make your joints stronger?

By using an approach similar to that of building muscle…train intensely, resting, and consuming the nutrients your joints need to maximize strength and recovery. The first two are easy, but consuming the key nutrients your joints need in the right amounts is not. The reason is that the best sources of “joint nutrients” are foods that are less than appetizing… like ground-up crustaceans and chicken cartilage!

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Labrada ElastiJoint
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  • What is Labrada's ElastiJoint, and how does it benefit weight-training athletes?

    Labrada's ElastiJoint is a joint support formula designed to alleviate joint pain and improve joint strength, particularly for weight-training athletes. It helps reduce the risk of injuries and enhances muscle gains by strengthening the joints.

  • How does ElastiJoint support joint recovery and rehabilitation for injured joints?

    ElastiJoint aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured joints by providing the necessary nutrients for joint repair and regeneration. It supports the healing process, allowing athletes to return to training faster and minimize downtime due to injuries.

  • Is ElastiJoint suitable for individuals experiencing joint aches and pains even without injuries?

    Yes, ElastiJoint is suitable for anyone experiencing joint discomfort, whether due to heavy training, aging, or other factors. It provides relief from joint pain and supports overall joint health and function.

  • Can ElastiJoint be used as a preventative measure to maintain joint health?

    Absolutely, ElastiJoint can be used proactively to maintain joint health and prevent the onset of joint pain or injuries. Regular supplementation with ElastiJoint helps keep joints strong and resilient, reducing the risk of future issues.

Labrada ElastiJoint
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Summary Of Reviews
Labrada ElastiJoint is highly praised by users for its comprehensive joint support formula, containing beneficial ingredients like glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, and collagen. Users have found it to be one of the best joint supplements available, even allowing some to reduce the use of anti-inflammatory supplements, and appreciate its easy consumption compared to multiple pills.
Comprehensive joint support formula.
Contains beneficial ingredients.
Reduces need for anti-inflammatory supplements.
Easier to consume than multiple pills.
Suitable for older individuals maintaining exercise intensity.
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Jason W
Labrada ElastiJoint
380g / 30 Serves Fruit Punch
All the good stuff in good amounts on the front of the label ! One of the better joint formulas out there
Collected via Trustpilot
Frank V
Labrada ElastiJoint
Elastijoint is by far the most comprehensive joint support formula I've seen in awhile and includes all the right ingredients to help with joints like glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin. Its well dosed and really helps me maintain my exercise intensity now that i'm a little bit older
Zechariah C
Labrada ElastiJoint
This is the best joint support supplement I have ever tried. I've even managed to nearly cut out anti-inflammatory supplements from my diet whilst using Labrada ElastiJoint. I have tried other glucosamine, chrondroitin, and msm supplements but I think its the collagen that brings them all together, and was a lot easier to consume than a handful of pills. Cheers Mr SUPP and keep up the good work.
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