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Jym Pro Jym Review

Dr Jim Stoppani has carved out a strong and dedicated following thanks to his many years as a research scientist and his extensive experience in the sports science and sports supplementation industry. His company Jym Supplement Science is a relatively new company but has already made a huge impact in the industry thanks to its extremely well researched formulations and the high quality of the ingredients. One of their newest releases is Pro Jym, a comprehensive and well thought out protein powder.

Jym Pro Jym Highlights

  • Blended protein powder with transparent doses of whey protein isolate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate and egg albumen
  • Low in carbs and fat
  • Ideal daily protein for trainers of various levels

Jym Pro Jym Ingredients & Dosage

Jym Pro Jym is a fairly simple blended protein powder with only a handful of ingredients. However, one of the standout features of the Pro Jym is its transparent listing of ingredients including the amount of its protein fractions. The protein powder currently contains:

  • Blended Protein (24g) – A blend of whey protein isolate (7.5g), micellar casein (7g), milk protein isolate (5.5g of casein, 1.5g of whey) and egg albumen (2.5g)
  • Carbohydrates (5g) – With only 1g of which is sugar
  • Fat (2.5g) – Of which only 0.5g is saturated

Currently Pro Jym comes in a 2lb or 907g tub with 26 servings of 34.5g with a total of only 140 calories.

Jym Pro Jym Pros & Effectiveness

Blended protein powders are some of the most versatile supplements for anyone participating in exercise and training. They’re also foolproof protein options for people new to supplements as it takes out most of the guess work in terms of supplement timing. Blended proteins such as Pro Jym are a mix of fast, medium and slow digesting and absorbing proteins so that there is a longer period and a more sustained period of amino acid supply to the muscles. So whilst the quick digesting proteins can help kick start muscle recovery and building processes, the slower digesting proteins will help to consolidate the recovery and growth by providing the essential amino acids that the muscle needs. As previously mentioned, the best thing about the supplement is that you know exactly how much of each type of protein there is so it is easier to figure out just how fast or slow absorbing the protein is so you can plan you meals and nutrition better.

Jym Pro Jym Cons

Jim Stoppani’s Pro Jym is an excellent supplement and its rare that a protein powder has many issues and usually comes down to flavour and mixability as the primary differences. As previously mentioned, it’s great to see that the different types of proteins are transparently dosed, however new research has shown that protein timing, at least for the non elite level athletic populations is not really all that necessary as long as you’re getting enough. So including proteins with different absorption rates isn’t too important for a daytime protein.

Jym Pro Jym Taste & Mixability

Vanilla is the only confirmed flavour for Pro Jym, however, it’s an almost certainty that the protein will be available in chocolate as well or at the very least another flavour. The current supplements from Jym Supplement Science are all tasty and easy to mix. They can be a little bit on the sweet side, but there isn’t any noticeable aftertaste. They seem to have their flavour technology well in order, so I have no doubt that Pro Jym will taste just as good. The high concentration of casein in the product though will make the shake thicker than most and slightly gritty.

Jym Pro Jym Verdict

Jym Supplement Science’s current line of supplements is top notch and attests to the dedication that Jim Stoppani has of creating a brand free from proprietary blends and with the best available current research incorporated into the formulation. Pro Jym is a transparently formulated protein powder which will consolidate your effort in the gym with the right nutrients to help your muscles recover, adapt and grow. A very versatile protein, you can’t go past Pro Jym as a prime example of what a good protein powder should be.

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