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Jym Post Jym Review

Jym Supplement Science is an up and coming new supplement company that was created by Dr Jim Stoppani, a well known and highly valued exercise physiologist. The aim of the brand is to release a range of supplements based on the best available ingredients that have been proven to be effective and ergogenic (performance enhancing) through studies and experiments. One of the most anticipated supplement companies to enter the market in recent years, one of the lines signature supplements is a post-workout supplement known as Post Jym.

Jym Post Jym Highlights

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for muscle recovery and muscle growth
  • Well researched ingredients for recovery and to enhance exercise performance in future sessions
  • 32g of fat acting carbohydrates to support muscle glycogen replenishment

Jym Post Jym Ingredients & Dosage

Post Jym is a post-workout formula which is actually a mixture of two different types of supplements commonly used for recovery and to kick start growth post-training. One of these supplements is a branched chain amino acid mix with some added extras for muscle recovery and growth known as Active. The ingredients of Active include:

The second part of Post Jym is a carbohydrate supplement known as Fast Carbs, which just contains 32g of dextrose as its core active ingredient. Each pack of Post Jym contains 20 serves of each of the two supplements that comprise Post Jym.

Jym Post Jym Pros & Effectiveness

Jim Stoppani most definitely knows his stuff when it comes to sports nutrition and supplementation and this is extremely evident in his pre-workout supplement Pre Jym. The same can be said for Post Jym with a range of excellent ingredients, most of which are backed by excellent research showing its efficacy to support training recovery and also enhance future performance. The use of branched chain amino acids is vital for promoting muscle protein growth and to slow down muscle protein breakdown, while fast acting carbohydrates such as dextrose are ideal for muscle glycogen replenishment straight after exercise.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is seemingly the ingredient of the minute thanks to research which has shown that it can improve recovery after acute resistance exercise performance. Both Beta-Alanine and Betaine have also been used frequently as powerful ergogenic ingredients, especially with chronic, long-term use. As high doses of those two aforementioned ingredients are required, including them in both the pre- and post-workout is an excellent idea and a great addition.

Jym Post Jym Cons

Similar to Pre Jym, Post Jym contains creatine in the form creatine hydrochloride or creatine HCL. While there are great anecdotal reports of its use over creatine monohydrate, the lack of research on the actual ingredients makes its inclusion in what is a considered a well researched supplement slightly odd. However, there is a general consensus that creatine HCL results in similar raises in creatine levels in the muscle as that of creatine monohydrate if similar doses. If you were using both pre Jym and Post Jym, you’d definitely be getting enough creatine if taken over a longer period of time.

While Post Jym has the carbs needed to replenish muscle glycogen, it does lack protein, so users need to ensure that they’re also using a good protein powder to supplement their muscles protein needs.

Jym Post Jym Taste & Mixability

Post Jym is currently available in two flavours including good old Fruit Punch and Watermelon. The supplement mixes very easily as most of the ingredients have excellent solubility and the tastes aren’t too bad, reminiscent of a mix between cordial and a sports drink.

Jym Post Jym Verdict

Like that or Pre Jym, Post Jym is a well thought out supplement and based on well researched ingredients which have been shown to support exercise performance, recovery and growth. While users of the product still require protein; one can rest easy knowing that both Pre Jym and Post Jym were designed to help maximise their results without any gimmicks and ingredients based entirely on animal studies.

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