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International Plant Power Complete
Plant Power Complete

Complete Plant Protein

  • Complete Amino Profile
  • Truly Vegan Source of MCT's
  • Organic Maca
  • Free of Stevia
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Complete essential protein

Pea and rice contain complementary amino acids which are further supported by the complete essential amino acid profile found in the ancient super-seed Sachi Inchi. Vegan Glutamine, Leucine, and Methionine make Complete Protein nutritionally equivalent or superior to Whey.

Mung & pea peptides

Get instant recovery with these unique plant-derived protein peptides. Hydrolysed di & tri peptides from protein-rich mung bean and pea proteins take performance and recovery to the next level.

Mct energy

Many vegan MCT powders still contain small amounts of dairy casein. Complete Protein contains a truly vegan source of this incredible energy-rich fast burning fat source that helps

spare muscle and fuel workouts.

Organic Maca

Used as a powerful plant medicine for more than 3000 years, Maca is packed with nutrients to support increased energy while reducing stress. Packed with a range of vitamins, minerals and

amino acids to help keep muscles moving.

Stevia free

The sweetness in the product comes from a small amount of natural low GI organic coconut sugar and the delicious natural flavours, carefully combined for a perfect deliciously balanced flavour experience.

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International Plant Power Complete
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