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Grass Fed Whey Protein - Benefits

Quick Summary Points

  • Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders are designed for individuals looking for a clean & natural protein powder that is free of added synthetic ingredients 
  • Most grass fed whey proteins are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), pesticides, antibiotics & hormones
  • Grass Fed Whey Protein is an excellent source of important nutrients that consist of high quality protein, leucine, conjugated linoleic acids and antioxidants
  • The benefits of taking a grass fed whey protein include improving health & immune system, boost muscle growth, body repair & support weight loss

Consumers are becoming savvier with what they’re putting in their bodies and with the higher demand there are increasing numbers of people leaning towards the direction of natural, healthy and organic options. People understand there are massive differences in quality for the same item. This is no different in the world of health and sports supplements. In this article, we will be reviewing key information on grass-fed proteins, the benefits of consuming grass-fed whey protein and how it compares with other whey proteins. 

What is Grass Fed? 

You may have seen the term ‘grass fed’ listed somewhere on a label whether it be at the super market or from health food stores. Although this could be something that may or may not be entirely new to you; we will be guiding you through some important information behind grass-fed whey proteins and what it has to offer.

When a product lists ‘grass-fed’ it means that most cows are fed on a natural grass-fed diet with the idea of the end product being free of growth hormones and antibiotics. ‘Grass-fed’ is referring to cows purely on a diet of grass. As the cows are exclusively fed grass, all of this is relevant because what a cow eats impacts the nutritional content of its milk.

What is Grass Fed Whey Protein? 

Grass-fed whey protein is referred to as ‘one of the most natural ways to significantly increase the amount of protein present in your diet.’ Grass-fed whey protein comes from grass-fed cows, and any type of animal who eats healthily in the way that they are supposed to will produce the best products suitable for human consumption. This type of whey means what the diet of free range cattle is 100% natural and is entirely free of additives and toxins that are commonly found in many protein products. Such toxins include pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics, and steroids.

Benefits of Grass Fed Whey Protein

Most people understand the importance of getting protein in their diet but since we have seen growth in the category of grass-fed whey proteins; what does it mean for consumers? The question we pose is what you can get out of picking a grass-fed whey protein over other whey proteins on the market. Here’s our take on some of the most outstanding benefits of adding grass-fed whey protein into your diet.

  • Natural & Organic

Many protein supplements contain low quality ingredients and hidden chemicals, grass-fed whey protein powder is natural and sometimes organic which gives you a clean, pure and high-quality protein. The more natural the nutrients, the better it gets digested by your body. If you’re all about free of added ingredients, by choosing grass-fed whey protein it will be in its most natural form. This would be perfect for those looking for a cleaner and natural post-workout recovery aid. 

  • Free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), pesticides & hormones

Grass-fed whey comes from organically-raised, grass-fed raw cows’ milk to ensure the whey is free of genetically modified organisms, pesticides and hormones. If the product is free of toxins, it poses an opposite effect in inhibiting bodily processes like building muscle and burning fat.

  • Improves Health & Immune System

Grass-fed whey protein powder offers the nutritional benefits of greater nutrient availability. It contains ingredients like amino acids and protein fragments immunoglobulin that can boost your immune system and help fuel your muscles.

  • Rich in Antioxidants

Under grass-fed conditions, whey protein is richer in antioxidants and vitamins like beta-carotene that is essential for the cell growth and is responsible for protecting the body from free radicals especially when the body is stressed from exercise. Typically, grass-fed cows contain three times as much of this antioxidant compared to non-grass fed cows which is perfect for hardcore trainers.

  • Supports Weight loss

There are various products that claim to support weight loss but how is grass-fed whey protein any different? Research suggests that grass-fed whey protein may contribute to reduction in body weight after training. There are higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) found in grass-fed whey protein which can help to enhance muscle growth and metabolism and in turn help the body to burn fat.

CLA is the most effective when found primarily in grass-fed beef or dairy products as it does not go through any processing. Interestingly cows that exclusively eat grass as their natural diet, the CLA levels in milk or meat products are 300-500% higher than those fed on an unnatural grain based diet. Studies have found that grass-fed cows produce more CLA than other cows. This is particularly important because CLA is a trans-fat has potential to reduce fat whilst increasing lean muscle. 

Grass Fed Whey Protein vs. Whey Protein

Originating from the freshest milk from the fittest cows, grass-fed whey protein differs from other nutritional health supplements given how it is generated in such a specific way. Milk from grass fed cows, by comparison, has been measured as being up to 4 times higher in important omega-3 fatty acids when compared to milk from grain fed cattle. And this superior fatty acid profile is just the start of the many health benefits of milk from grass-fed cows. The most profound reason behind the comparison between a grass-fed whey protein versus another whey protein is that grass-fed whey proteins provide up to 50% more nutrients followed by numerous superior health benefits including fat loss, lean muscle growth, reduced hunger, improved immune response and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Because whey protein comes mainly from cows, the health, diet and environment of that cow can play a major factor in the quality of the final product. This means that if a cow is raised with a poor diet, in an unhealthy environment and given hormones it will not produce milk of the same quality of a cow raised to produce organic milk. If the quality of the end product improves, so does the bioavailability and the nutrient profile which can enter your system faster. More importantly, choosing a grass-fed whey means that you’re consuming more vital minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. These minerals are present in much higher qualities than cows that are fed grain or other unnatural foods. 

Grass Fed Whey Protein Benefits Verdict

For some, grass fed whey protein products may be your next option to add to your diet and exercise routine. Grass fed whey protein is an excellent source of important nutrients that consist of high quality protein, Leucine, CLA and Glutathione – all of which can help boost muscle growth, boost immune system, assist in weight loss just to name a few. If you’re after a supplement that can offer you a variety of health benefits, promote muscle growth & boost your exercise performance that have less chemicals, grass-fed whey proteins are the right way to go.

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