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Gamma Oryzanol

What Is Gamma Oryzanol?

Gamma Oryzanol is actually a group of several different compounds based on a ferulic acid backbone.

Where Does Gamma Oryzanol Come From?

Gamma Oryzanol is a component of rice bran oil. It is extracted from the germ of rice, and used for cooking and frying due to its high smoke point. It is a popular frying oil in Asian countries.

Gamma Oryzanol Health Benefits

Gamma Oryzanol reduces cholesterol absorption in the intestines. It may also possess anti-inflammatory properties, and could have uses for arthritis management.

Gamma Oryzanol Benefits for Bodybuilding

There is some evidence that Gamma Oryzanol interacts with hormones. Menopausal symptoms have been significantly reduced in one study at doses of 1500mg a day. Subsequent studies on both menopausal symptoms as well as testosterone and estrogen levels failed to produce significant results, however no dosages above 500mg were used and so this is relatively inconclusive. It is possible that it may have anti-estrogen and testosterone boosting properties.

Gamma Oryzanol Side Effects, Safety and Negatives

There are no side effects associated with Gamma Oryzanol.

Gamma Oryzanol Recommended Doses and Ingredient Timing

Doses of 1500mg a day would be recommended if any effect is to occur on hormone profiles.

Gamma Oryzanol Supplements

Gamma Oryzanol can be bought in capsules from specialist stores.

Stacking Gamma Oryzanol

Gamma Oryzanol would be well stacked with other hormone influencing products such as Beast E-liminate or Ronnie Coleman Testogen XR.


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