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FitMiss Delight Review

FitMiss is a new imprint of MusclePharm, who are a huge and established name in the supplement market. As the name suggests, FitMiss manufactures supplements which are specially formulated for the nutritional needs of women. FitMiss Delight is a fat loss protein with more and after only months on the market it was nominated as a finalist in the "Women's Product of the Year" category in's 2013 awards. So what's all the fuss about?


*Long lasting blend of good quality protein

*Packed with natural sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

*Exciting new weight loss ingredients

*Great for everyday use

Ingredients in FitMiss Delight

FitMiss Delight is a very well rounded low calorie protein and fat loss product, with added ingredients that support general health. A variety of fast and slow release proteins comprise the basic formulation. There are supplemented with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine, and a number of naturally derived plant extracts, with an emphasis on nutrient dense superfoods and fat loss ingredients. A blend of digestive enzymes helps protein absorption, and proprietary formula Solathin is a potato-derived protein designed to give feelings of fullness and promote weight loss.

Pros of FitMiss Delight

As a general everyday protein, FitMiss covers all bases. Whey Protein Hydrolysate is super fast acting and very well absorbed, and gives a near immediate boost to the protein levels. Whey Protein Isolate is a very good quality form of whey, which along with Egg Albumin, deliver protein in the medium-term, and Micellar Casein is extremely slow release, ensuring the effects of this protein last, and keeping you feeling full for longer. The addition of digestive enzymes makes sure these proteins are digested completely and used efficiently by the body.

Whey is a very rich source of BCAAs, but the addition of extra BCAAs ensures that the body does not do without these essential amino acids, which are not as available to the body as most other aminos, and play such an important role during workouts and in recovery. Likewise, extra L-glutamine may protect against catabolism, which is an important consideration in a protein supplement which also promotes fat loss.

This is one of the only products on the market, (along with Bsc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical 2.0) to utilise Solathin, which is a very new, expertly formulated weight loss aid. It contains an enzyme found in potatoes that is said to keep you feeling full and satisfied. This gives FitMiss a point of difference over most of the other competition, and certainly over other fat loss proteins aimed at women.

The addition of nutrients in vegetable extract form is clever. This is thought in many cases to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients, over a synthetic preparation. The proprietary greens and fruits blend is a great mix of antioxidants, like wheat grass, pomegranate and cranberry; popular fat burning ingredients like mango seed extract and cocoa powder; and vitamin rich foods like spinach, strawberry, and flax seed for omega-3.

Cons of FitMiss Delight

Whilst this is a great mix of proteins, nutrients, and fat burning aids, FitMiss has not released dosage for all ingredients present in Delight, so it is impossible to know whether or not some of the ingredients are present in high enough doses to produce any benefit.

The doses of some ingredients are mentioned, and it is of some concern that FitMiss Delight claims to provide "A full day's essential nutrients" and "Optimal levels of...minerals" when according to the nutrition panel, the minerals are dosed at a very low level, for example, one serve contains only 2% of the RDI for Iron, and 8% of the recommended calcium. This could be of concern if FitMiss Delight was being regularly used to replace meals.

Taste and mixability of FitMiss Delight

FitMiss delight has been praised for its taste. It comes in three flavours – Strawberries'n'Cream, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate Delight. It mixes well and is easy to drink.

What's the verdict on FitMiss Delight?

FitMiss Delight is great in terms of protein composition alone but it promotes fat loss and contains essential nutrients to boot. It is one of the first supplements to contain new weight loss aid, Solathin, and that's exciting. Due to a couple of holes in the nutrient profile, It is not something you'd use as a meal replacement on a regular basis, rather as an adjunct to a healthy, balanced diet.

FitMiss delight can be taken every day to support muscle growth and weight loss, and many people are already seeing results.

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