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Elemental Nutrition EPO Review

Elemental Nutrition EPO is an exciting new supplement with a rather bold and provocative name that boasts some genuine points of difference. Designed primarily for endurance athletes, EPO contains a number of proven ingredients not found in your typical pre workout that are designed to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and hence endurance performance. 

Elemental Nutrition EPO Highlights

EPO contains a diverse and unique range of ingredients. Some of the most notable inclusion are:

  • D-Ribose: 1200mg
  • Betaine nitrate: 500mg
  • L-Alanyl-l-Glutamine: 500mg
  • ATP: 250mg
  • Rhodiola Extract: 100mg
  • Cordyceps sinensis: 100mg

Elemental Nutrition EPO Ingredients & Dosage

With any multi-ingredient formula, the challenge is finding a trade-off between number of ingredients and efficacy. As one adds more ingredients, they invariably limit the maximum dosage of others.

EPO is a great formula in that it has therapeutic doses of certain ingredients, but somewhat limiting doses of others. However, there is always the unknown factor of ingredient synergy, which dictates the combined effects of ingredients may be greater than their individual effects. Beta-alanine, betaine, l-alanyl-l-glutamine, and ATP are present in reasonable doses, however one could argue that cordyceps and rhodiola are a little bit low.

Elemental Nutrition EPO Pros & Effectiveness

Betaine nitrate is one of the most unique ingredients in EPO as it supplies both a form of betaine and nitrate. Most of the research concerning nitrate has been in the form of beetroot juice/extract for its ability to raise nitric oxide and associated performance. However, it stands to reason that nitrate supplied as betaine nitrate should do the same thing. Betaine nitrate is approximately 35% nitrate meaning that a single dose of EPO provides 175mg of nitrate, with two doses providing 350mg. Studies that have successfully employed beetroot juice as an ergogenic have used nitrate doses between 300mg and ~750mg.

ATP is the other noteworthy inclusion in EPO. Despite a number of studies showing oral supplementation with ~400mg of ATP to effective for improved performance and training adaptations, ATP-containing supplements are still a relatively scarce commodity. So it’s great to see Elemental have been bold enough to include it in their unique EPO formula, despite its high cost.

It’s important to highlight that EPO is a non-stimulant formula (i.e. free of caffeine). While EPO is a not strictly a pre workout, there is growing demand for stimulant-free pre workouts, so it’s great to have another option in this category.

Elemental Nutrition EPO Negatives and Cons

Citrulline is the other ingredient that features in EPO which is proven to boost nitric oxide levels (and hence EPO: aka the oxygen carrying capacity of blood). But effective doses in studies range between 3 and 8 grams, meaning that EPO comes up a bit short in this department.

The other noticeable drawback with EPO is the serving size/servings per container. The limited number of servings is undoubtedly related to the expensive nature of many of the ingredients. So its obvious that Elemental wanted to keep the product within the ballpark of your average pre workout supplement.

As touched on above the EPO formula lends itself to double dosing, especially if users are looking to maximise nitrate intake. But with only 15 standard 10g serves per tub, users will invariably find they run out of product relatively quickly.

Elemental Nutrition EPO Taste & Mixability

There’s no problem when it comes to mixing EPO, however, the only thing users will note is a relatively sharp citrusy/sour taste. This comes from ingredients like citrulline, acetyl l-carnitine, ATP and betaine nitrate; all of which have very sour notes. But when mixed with something like orange or apple juice, it becomes much more palatable.

Elemental Nutrition EPO Verdict

Without doubt, Elemental EPO is a one-of-a-kind supplement, both by name and nature. With a name like EPO it doesn’t take much to figure out the product is designed for more serious endurance athletes. With an expansive formula, users are bound to experience a benefit with use, particularly if they decide to double the dosage.

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