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Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650

Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650

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Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650

Dymatize Trib 650 is unavailable for purchase at For an excellent alternative please check out our Tribulus Terrestris product category.

Dymatize Nutrition Tribulus terrestris is designed as testosterone support formulation. It leads to the production of the luteinizing hormone (LH). When LH levels are increased, the natural production of testosterone also increases. LH is a hormone that also deals with sex drive.

Now one can understand why it has been used to increase fertility and help with impotence. Laboratory animal studies found that Tribulus terrestris increased sperm count as well as motility levels after taking it for 30 days.

This is a good supplement for men and women to increase their sex drive. Tribulus terrestris can significantly "lift" performance in the bedroom. Anyone who wants to increase muscle growth and strength (bodybuilders, athletes, etc.) would be wise to try Tribulus terrestris.

Nutritional Info
Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650
Per Serving
Per Container
Formulated Supplementary
Sports Food
1 Cap
Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650 Ingredients
Per Serve
Per 100g
Tribulus Terrestris (standardized for 40% steroidal saponins)
Other Ingredients
Gelatin, Cellulose, Silicon Dixoide.
This product does not contain corn, yeast, wheat, soy, dairy, artificial flavours, artificial colours or preservatives.
Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650 Directions
As an adult dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily, with a meal.
Store below 30 degrees, away from direct sunlight. Seal container immediately and store in a cool dry place.
This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise programme. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.
General Product Warning
Users should seek medical advice prior to beginning any supplementation program. This especially applies to individuals taking prescription medication or those with pre-existing medical conditions. Always read the label prior to consuming any supplement, always follow the manufacturer's directions & never exceed the recommended dose. In the event of experiencing any unwanted effects discontinue use immediately & seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children.
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Dymatize Nutrition Trib 650 Reviews

, Bruce ACT on 28/03/2011
(0 / 5)
In terms of the overall effects of tribulus, I have been very skeptical about the supposed results that these tablets provide and after being given a cycle of these tablets, I personally purchased them as I believed they were good value for money. After a very short period of time, I noticed serious improvement in my libido and also a slight improvement in my aggressiveness and endurance when training. The tablets were really good value for money and very very easy to consume. The Dymatize Trib-650 tablets contain 650mg of tribulus terrestris and were seemingly quite efficient when taken twice per day. I attempted to ensure that I consumed the tablets with breakfast and dinner to ensure they were as effective as possible. I noticed subtle changes to my attitude towards training and also my mood in general. Throughout history, tribulus has been used as a mood enhancer and I found this to be one of the pleasant side effects of a cycle. I would endorse this product as good value for money although I found it quite difficult to see conclusive improvements and gains in my workouts and weight. I did enjoy the side effects of tribulus and these were extremely noticeable however there was no huge changes in anything related to my training. My gains and muscularity increased at a steady rate regardless of whether I was taking tribulus or not although I did attribute my attitude towards the gym changing as a result of taking tribulus.

Overall, I would recommend buying tribulus at the right price. It is still good value for money as both a training aid and in day-to-day life. I strongly believe it is worth trying as most people I have spoken with have had mixed results (evidently seeing as I was given a cycle of tribulus by someone with a very similar physique and training regime who saw no effects whatsoever of taking them).
, Darlington NSW on 01/09/2009
(0 / 5)
Great trib supplement. I tend to care about the quality and the brands respectability so I tend not to go for products that have no information on them or look cheap. Trib 650 is a nice cost effective way to boost natural testosterone. Dymatize trib 650 is better than a lot of trib products I’ve tried before.
, Churchill QLD on 30/03/2010
(0 / 5)
Trib 650, this stuff is great. I noticed the effects within the first few weeks of taking the capsules and have no qualm in recommending it to anyone else. If I had to find one negative with the product it is that they taste like…. Well lets leave it at unpleasant and recommend you take it with a drink of juice.

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