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Cellucor C4 Extreme Review

G4 4th Generation Cellucor C4 Review

Cellucor C4 ExtremeRespected supplement manufacturer Cellucor have recently released their fourth generation of their extremely popular pre workout formula, Cellucor C4. Aimed at promoting explosive workouts, it is one of a range of new supplements which will form the C4 line including C4 Ripped, C4 Mass and C4 50X. Despite the highly competitive pre workout market, C4 has cemented itself as one of the top products in the category, so let’s take a look at what’s changed.

4th Generation Cellucor C4 Highlights

  • Extremely similar to its predecessor C4 Extreme
  • Longer lasting energy with the addition of TeaCor
  • Boost and support training endurance, pump and focus
  • Simple and effective blend ideal for trainers of all levels

4th Generation Cellucor C4 Review & Ingredients

The new Cellucor C4 sticks to the essence of the previous version C4 Extreme with most of the same ingredients still being used. This includes:

  • Beta Alanine – 1600mg
  • Creatine Nitrate – 1000mg
  • Arginine AKG – 1000mg
  • Explosive Energy Blend  (321mg) – Caffeine Anhydrous (160mg), L-Tyrosine, TeaCor Tetramethyluric Acid
  • Vitamins C, B3, B6, B9, B12

All other ingredients are for flavouring, appearance and mixability purposes. Each tub comes with either 30 or 60 servings of 6.5g, with a maximum two scoops per serve.

4th Generation Cellucor C4 Benefits, Pros & Effectiveness

The updated Cellucor C4 offers a very similar experience to that of the C4 Extreme. Namely, you’re first likely to experience a slight tingling sensation in your fingertips and possibly face due to the beta alanine, before the central nervous system stimulation comes thanks to the Explosive Energy Blend. The energy kick is fairly mild, but noticeable and tends to last anywhere between 30-90 minutes depending on your metabolism and sensitivity. Unfortunately they’ve removed the bitter orange extract so the kick isn’t as strong as it used to be, but the effects do last longer in general thanks to the addition of TeaCor. The creatine nitrate will also help to support pump.

4th Generation Cellucor C4 Negatives & Cons

The 4th generation of the popular pre workout doesn’t come with too many negatives. It would be nice to see the company move away from arginine and onto the better citrulline as a form of pump enhancer. The removal of bitter orange extract is a bit of a letdown for trainers who love a decent energy kick. Trainers who compete though will be able to take C4 without worrying, thanks to the absence of any banned ingredients such as synephrine, the active component of bitter orange extract.

4th Generation Cellucor C4 Flavours, Taste & Mixability

The new Cellucor C4 comes in just as many flavours as its predecessor and is just as delicious and easy to mix. Flavour wise, Cellucor have definitely maintained its prowess and fans of the C4 Extreme should feel right at home with the 4th Gen C4. Early favourites are the Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Margarita.  

4th Generation Cellucor C4 Verdict

The newest version of Cellucor C4 still ranks as one of the most accessible pre workouts on the market. Suitable for trainers of all levels, it offers a good energy kick along with decent pump and endurance support. It might not be the supplement for stim junkies, but if you’re looking for a fail safe supplement to ramp up your training that little bit extra, you can’t go past the 4th Generation of Cellucor C4.  

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