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Cellucor L2 Review

Since Cellucor’s founding in 2002, it has become a company known for a top quality and extremely favourable product range, not to mention their aesthetically superior packaging. Within a decade, Cellucor has stamped its name on the supplement industry as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to innovation and results.

Cellucor’s weight loss range of products is plentiful and encompassing of all different areas of weight loss. Here we look at Cellucor’s diuretic - the Cellucor L2

Cellucor L2

What Is It?

Cellucor’s L2 is Cellucor’s stimulant free diuretic product from their weight loss range. L2 is said to help with the shedding of excess water and by doing so help to reduce bloating and increase definition, a must for the person aiming for a tight, ripped physique.

First Impressions

Cellucor L2 appears to be a fairly standard diuretic. Aimed to be used short term (within 4-5 days) L2 contains a mixture of common herbal diuretics and electrolytes, however does contain some interesting ingredients different to many diuretic based supplements.

The inclusion of the commonly used diuretic Uva Ursi extract (also known as the Bearberry Bush) is due to several compounds found within the extract said to have mild diuretic properties including arbutin, ursolic acid and isoquercetin. More importantly, Uva Ursi seems to be more effective as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. Another commonly used herbal diuretic included in L2 is Dandelion extract. Commonly used in folk remedies as a diuretic, a recent study1 was able to show that Dandelion extract is a potentially viable complementary alternative to pharmaceutical diuretics. With its high potassium levels, it can also help replenish body potassium levels, a common electrolyte lost with dehydration and water loss.

In fact, Cellucor’s L2 contains over a third of your daily required amount of magnesium and around 1% of daily required amount of potassium, similar to a Gatorade rehydration sports drink. L2 also contains a high amount of vitamins B6 and folic acid, water soluble vitamins often lost with increased urination.

Difference From The Competition

A notable difference of Cellucor’s L2 is the presence of Prickly Chaff Flower extract, a well known diuretic in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. However, animal studies have also been able to show it has extremely capable immune boosting capacity, anti-inflammatory activity and pain relieving properties2,3,4

Of Particular Interest

An interesting addition to Cellucor L2 is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which are enzymes which have extremely strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. SOD is helpful in reducing the amount of oxidative stress in the body. While some oxidative stress is important for good health5, an excess of these oxidative processes in the body can result in increased illness and disease. When we lose water weight, we are often at risk of dehydration, which often leads to a weakened immune system rendering our ability to fight oxidative processes in our body less effective. Thus the inclusion of SOD in Cellucor L2 is a smart move.

The Black Sheep

Taurine, a common ingredient in energy drinks and other energy supplements is essential for proper muscle functioning. While some suggest that it has diuretic properties, evidence for taurine use as a natural diuretic is still not very strong. On the other hand, perhaps inclusion of caffeine as a natural diuretic would be more suitable due to its known effectiveness as a diuretic.

Who It's For

Cellucor’s L2 is a novel diuretic for anyone aiming at shedding any excess water weight while still ensuring protection against any possible immuno-compromising effects and electrolyte and essential vitamin loss. Remember, diuretic products should only be used short term and it is critical that you follow the dosing instructions

Stacking Cellucor L2

Cellucor's L2 works well by itself as a diuretic but can also be stacked with their other fat loss products as Cellucor T7, WS, P6 or even D4.


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