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C4 vs 1MR

Cellucor C4 and BPI 1MR. are two powerhouse workouts that come with bold and aggressive marketing claims about their ability to power individuals through their workout. Maybe you have read their claims and are suitably impressed with both but require a little more detail to decipher between the two. This review will examine how C4 and 1MR stack up against each other across key areas such as ingredients, dosing, effectiveness, taste, mixability, price and value.

C4 vs 1MR Ingredients

When comparing supplements, the most crucial feature to examine is ingredients. Supplement companies can rave all they want about how great their product is, but at the end of the day it all boils down to what’s actually in the bottle. C4 and 1MR have a surprising degree of similarity in terms of their ingredients; sharing a total of 4 identical ingredients as shown below.

Common Ingredients Cellucor C4 & BPI 1.M.R


Arginine AKG




Both pre workouts also come with creatine, however, C4 includes it in nitrate form, while 1MR has it in monohydrate form. The table below shows the other ingredients unique to each product.

Unique Ingredients

Cellucor C4


Creatine Nitrate


Ascorbic Acid

Creatine Monohydrate

Bitter Orange

Paulina cupana


Yerba mate

Folate (as Folic Acid)

Kigelia Africana


Citrus sinensis

Vitamin B12

Psorlaea corylifolia


Adhatoda vasica


Zingiber officinale


Schisandra chinensis


Visnea mocanera


Vitis vinifera


Cellucor’s claim to fame with C4 is its creatine nitrate content. Billed as a form of creatine that’s “1000% more soluble” than creatine monohydrate, Cellucor claim the better solubility results in better absorption and therefore better results. This all sounds good in theory, but unfortunately there’s no real scientific evidence to support these claims. The next big claim about creatine nitrate centres on its nitrate component. Nitrate has some promising research behind it as a blood vessel dilator but almost all of the published research has been conducted with nitrate supplied in the form of beetroot. That’s not to say that nitrate in the form of creatine nitrate won’t work, it just hasn’t been studied yet.

As for 1MR, their marketing claims actually don’t centre on any ingredients as such. They focus more on the supplement as a whole. As far as the type and quality of ingredients go, 1MR has a number of very sound ingredients with solid research behind them, but as highlighted below its hard to know what amount they are present at, given they are all included as part of a proprietary blend. Most of the questionable ingredients, in terms of efficacy, come in the form of the botanical extracts included in the product.

C4 vs 1MR Dosing

Following on from the points above, the biggest criticism of the ingredients in 1MR is their dosing and the lack of disclose thereof. Unfortunately, BPI is notorious for withholding the dosage of ingredients in their products. While this may not be a big deal for some consumers, there are certainly others who relish picking supplements apart from an ingredient dosing perspective. On the other hand, Cellucor to their credit, do the exact opposite; disclosing the levels of all the active ingredients in C4. It’s hard to argue that users will not naturally opt for a pre workout that discloses all ingredient levels versus one that doesn’t.

C4 vs 1MR Effectiveness

The serving sizes for C4 and 1MR are very similar at 5.7g and 5g respectively, meaning that any major differences are going to come in the form of ingredient types and levels. 1MR has a more extensive  ingredient list than C4 naturally meaning that ingredient levels on the whole are more diluted in 1MR. Added to this, the fact that none of the ingredients levels are disclosed and it’s hard to objectively argue that 1MR would be more effective than C4.

C4 vs 1MR Taste & Mixability

C4 and 1MR come in 6 and 5 flavours respectively, however, the quality of the C4 flavours are exceptional and clearly a step above that of 1MR. This is not to say that 1MR is unpleasant to take, but simply that Cellucor have really done their homework on the flavouring system for C4. At roughly 5g dose each, and with soluble ingredients; both C4 and 1MR mix well as with ease.

C4 vs 1MR Price & Value

Across the board, general retail prices for C4 are significantly lower than 1MR. This difference is made more significant by the fact that the size of 1MR (at 140g/tub) is lower than the small size tub of C4 (i.e. 171g). Although one might argue that 1MR contains more ingredients than C4 and therefore can command a higher price, it’s important to note the amount of each ingredient in 1MR is not disclosed and also that C4’s serving size is slightly higher than 1MR (i.e. 5.7g vs 5g). Taking all the above points into consideration, it is this reviewer’s opinion that C4 is the best option both in terms of price, value and effectiveness.

Winner: Cellucor C4

Although we try to be as objective as possible, we understand that opinions can vary between individuals. As such, the results of this comparison may not be agreed upon by everyone and should only be used as a guide.

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