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Quick Thermogenic Pre Workout Summary Points

  • Pre Workout Thermogenics are a popular supplement category in the sports and nutrition industry. Thermogenic pre-workouts combine the performance boosting benefits of pre-workouts along with the fat loss support of thermogenics.
  • Pre Workout Thermogenics are perfect for trainers looking to boost their workout performance, support recovery, build muscle whilst losing fat.
  • These supplements are often taken before training.
  • Convenient 2-in-1 supplement ideal for trainers looking for added benefits in one product.  

Thermogenic Pre-Workouts are a relatively new category of supplements which combine the performance boosting benefits of pre-workouts along with the fat loss support of thermogenics. Sometimes, it can be tough on the body taking both pre-workouts and fat burners at the same time as you may overstimulate the body with too much caffeine and other stimulants. With thermogenic pre-workouts, you get the best of both worlds without becoming too wired and putting strain on your nervous system. These supplements are perfect for trainers looking to boost their workout performance, support recovery and muscle building as well as enhance their metabolism and fat loss at the same time.

Thermogenic pre-workouts combine common pre-workout ingredients such as creatine, citrulline and beta-alanine along with fat loss support ingredients such as green tea extract, cayenne extract and carnitine. They’ll also contain plenty of common stimulants such as caffeine and bitter orange extract to still give you the energy and appetite suppression you crave.

What is a Thermogenic Pre Workout?

Thermogenic Pre Workouts are products taken before training sessions which help to boost training and performance as well as support fat burning. You could think of them as a combination of Pre Workouts and Thermogenic Fat Burners.

What is the Difference Between Pre Workouts & Thermogenics?

Pre workout supplements are essentially any product that you take before your workout sessions that has some sort of beneficial function. Mostly, this is to support performance and training capacity, however, they can also contain ingredients to support better recovery and muscle growth. The most common ingredients of pre workouts fall into a few categories including:

  • Stimulants & Energy Boosters – These include caffeine, bitter orange extract, guarana, etc.
  • Endurance & Anti-Fatigue Components – Including beta-alanine and betaine
  • Pump Enhancers & Vasodilators – Citrulline, arginine and agmatine
  • Mental Focus & Cognitive Boosters – Tyrosine and theobromine
  • Strength & Power Support – Creatine

Thermogenics on the other hand are a distinct subset of fat burner supplements designed simply to boost metabolism to help support weight loss. Like pre workouts, they’ll also contain caffeine and other common stimulants, but will also contain other known metabolism boosting and fat burning ingredients such as green tea extract, l-carnitine, capsicum extract or cayenne extract just to name a few.

Mixing Thermogenics & Pre Workouts

As thermogenics and pre workouts both often contain a stimulant component, they are often used interchangeably. However, since they are so functionally different, unless the only result you want is a boost in energy levels, it’s best to use them for their intended purposes. But what if you wanted to boost the fat burning capacity of your workouts even more?

This is the question that has resulted in a new wave of pre workout supplements that combines their traditional performance enhancing ingredients along with the fat metabolism boosting ingredients of thermogenics.

Thermogenic Pre Workout Supplements

The current range of thermogenic pre workout supplements is still quite small, but continually growing. They are a perfect alternative to your usual pre workout if you’re looking for more of an edge to your weight loss journey and can provide additive effects to other fat loss supplements such as fat burners, weight loss protein powders and fat metabolisers. Some of the best Thermogenic Pre Workouts currently available now include:

At the moment, the above supplements are often listed in either the pre workouts section or the fat burners/thermogenics section, and it can often be hard to distinguish a specific thermogenic pre workout from name alone. However, as previously mentioned, the category is definitely growing and you’ll most likely be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Thermogenic Pre Workout Side Effects

In terms of side effects, any that occur from the use of Thermogenic Pre Workouts will most likely be due to the stimulants in the supplement. Depending on the amount, you may experience anything from increases in heart rate and restlessness to stomach discomfort and heart palpitations. Regardless of your perceived tolerance to caffeine and other stimulants, it’s always important to start off with a smaller serve of thermogenic pre workouts just to assess your actual tolerance.

There shouldn’t be too many other side effects that can occur, but any that do will probably just be a mix of common fat burner side effects or common pre workout side effects.

Thermogenic Pre Workouts - The Best of Both Worlds

If you’re looking to ramp up your fat loss, there’s no better time than to do that in the gym and during your workouts. This is where the relatively new category of Thermogenic Pre Workouts come in. These supplements offer the best of both worlds; the performance supporting benefits of pre workouts with the metabolism elevation ability of thermogenic fat burners. Of course, as with any supplement, they’re no substitute for hard work and dedication, but they might just help you reach your weight loss goals that little bit faster and easier.

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