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Body War PreWar Unleashed Review

Quick Summary Points

  • Body War PreWar Unleashed is a strong pre workout that contains potent ingredients to support energy, workout capacity, pump & focus
  • Formulated to enhance performance
  • Recommended for advanced trainers looking for a concentrated pre workout
  • Best taken 20-30 minutes before training


Body War have recently stormed into the Australian market with their highly potent fat burner, Body Shred. Known as one of the strongest fat burners around, Body War have carried across this philosophy with their reformulated PreWar Unleashed. With some unique ingredient additions to the market, PreWar Unleashed is not just a rehash of existing products and deserves a thorough look.

Body War PreWar Unleashed Highlights

  • One of the strongest existing pre workout on the market
  • Well dosed and comprehensive formulation to support energy, workout capacity, pump and focus
  • Ideal for those who like old school energy pre workouts
  • No crash

Body War PreWar Unleashed Ingredients & Doses

After transforming this pre-workout and reformulating it to suit consumer demand, Body War has reformulated their pre-workout using these ingredients. Most of the ingredients have been kept, the banned ingredients are removed with a few replacement ingredients. The list includes (per scoop):

  • 5.8g Citrulline Malate – an arginine precursor and nitric oxide booster
  • 3g Beta Alanine – an intramuscular buffer to help reduce lactic acid build up & increase exercise stamina
  • 1.5g Betaine Anhydrous – a compound which helps to benefits power output, endurance and workout volume
  • 1g Agmatine Sulfate – nitric oxide booster
  • 500mg Choline Bitartrate – support fat loss
  • 400mg Glucuronolactone – metabolite formed by glucose; used in sugar drinks
  • 250mg Caffeine Anhydrous – for energy
  • 160mg StimFX – for energy
  • 225mg Cymbidium Goeringii Extract – an orchid extract that helps to reduce inflammation 
  • 160mg L-Norvaline – used for improving blood flow and pump purposes
  • Sucralose – sweetener
  • 45mg Hordenine – stimulant & nootropic for energy and focus  
  • 40mg Higenamine – compound used to support blood flow & pump purposes
  • 0.7mg Huperzine A – used for cognitive support 

Body War PreWar Unleashed Effectiveness & Pros

Since its recent reformulation, PreWar isn’t as strong in the stimulant department as it used to be, having removed certain ingredients like dendrobium extract and AMP Citrate. Having said that though, they’ve added in some excellent mood, attention and cognitive enhancers so you should experience some laser like focus when you hit your workouts. The entire formulation is pretty well rounded with ingredients to pump, workout capacity, energy and focus. It’s still a relatively strong pre workout and is definitely not geared towards beginners.

We also have to give credit to Body War with their extremely transparent labelling. Although a little unusual, PreWar contains an ingredient label that gives the exact percentage of each ingredient, including even the flavouring agents.Although this is the case, with a calculator each serving can be calculated.

Body War PreWar Unleashed Cons & Negative

PreWar still has a very strong stimulant and cognitive support focus. In other words, if you crave a good buzz, energy, mood elevation and mental clarity, this is the product for you. However, if you live for the pump then you’re better off with other pre workouts. It is true that PreWar does contain a few pump ingredients, but they do take a backseat compared to the stimulants. The addition of the anti-inflammatory ingredient, Cymbidium goeringii also expands on this point. It has actually been found that this herb can inhibit the action of the iNOS (Beg et al, 2011), the enzyme that synthesises nitric oxide. In other words, this ingredient could actually reduce pump. PreWar is definitely a pre workout for the experienced and hardcore trainer. If you are new to pre workouts, we would recommend a more balanced and beginner friendly alternative.

Body War PreWar Unleashed Taste & Mixability

PreWar does not require much effort to mix into a clear, gritless shake. The flavours available include the following: Blue Hawaiian, Green Apple, Strawberry Pine, Bubble Gum and Pomegranate.   The flavour of PreWar is quite similar to its fat burner cousin, Body Shred. For those who are unfamiliar, it has a flavour profile that is quite similar to APS’s Mesomorph. That is, the initial flavour is quite sweet and pleasant, but it is followed by a distinctive and memorable aftertaste.

Body War PreWar Unleashed Verdict

Despite the reformulation, Body War Pre War Unleashed is still geared towards those looking for a concentrated pre workout that delivers intense focus and pumps. Although it’s removed a couple of stimulants, it’s still one of the strongest pre workouts on the market. If you find that modern pre workouts just don’t cut it compared to the old school DMAA formulae, then you will be thrilled that Body War PreWar Unleashed is around to take you back to the good old days.

Beg et al (2011), Systematic review of herbals as potential anti-inflammatory agents: Recent advances, current clinical status and future perspectives. Pharmacogn Rev, 5(10): 120–137

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