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Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
Protein Power Pancakes
Powered By: Body Ripped

Protein in the Fry Pan!

  • Features 5 Proteins for Staged Release
  • Perfect for Any Time of Day
  • Add Some Spice to Your Protein Supplements
  • Over 40g of Protein per Box of 10
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Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes are the answer for an ideal quick and easy meal to fuel your body. Unlike other protein mixes, Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes cook to a sensational light and fluffy taste. Each low fat serve of Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes is fortified with over 70g of protein and 76g of mass building carbs. So for a balanced, delicious and satisfying mass building meal Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes are the real meal deal!

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Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
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  • Can I use Body Ripped Power Pancakes for weight loss?

    Body Ripped Power Pancakes can be a part of a balanced diet & may support a weight loss or weight management plan, especially when combined with regular exercise. However, it's important to consider your overall calorie intake & consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized advice.

  • Are Body Ripped Power Pancakes suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

    Body Ripped Power Pancakes contain wheat flour, whey protein, soy protein, & milk powder. Therefore, they are not suitable for individuals with gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, or soy allergies. It's always recommended to check the ingredient list for any potential allergens before consuming the product.

  • How do I prepare Body Ripped Power Pancakes?

    To prepare the pancakes, follow these steps:

    1. Mix 150g (sachet) with 300ml of low-fat milk to a smooth batter consistency.
    2. Allow the mixture to settle for 2 minutes.
    3. Pre-heat a pan to 180°C and grease slightly with table spread.
    4. Pour the batter into the pan and cook the pancakes on either side for 1-2 minutes or until golden brown.
    5. One serve (150g sachet) should make approximately 6 pancakes (10cm each).
    6. Refrigerate any remaining batter or made-up pancakes for up to 2 days, then discard if not used.
  • What are Body Ripped Power Pancakes?

    Body Ripped Power Pancakes are a formulated supplementary sports food that provides a convenient and delicious way to fuel your body with protein & carbohydrates. They are designed to support your active lifestyle & fitness goals.

Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
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Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes are highly praised for their taste and high protein content. Customers enjoy the sweet flavor even without additional toppings, and appreciate it as a healthier substitute to traditional pancakes.
Tastes great without additional toppings
High protein content
Considered a good substitute for traditional pancakes
Suitable for those looking for healthier options
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Grant L
Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
10 x 100 Grams
Bought these for me and my brother and can say these are perfect, the taste is 10/10 it also makes a fair amount, i could eat them all day!
Kendrick L
Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
10 x 100 Grams
Perfect for the lazy cook, these tasted sweet and they were perfect even without any toppings and the protein content is massive compared to anything I'd be making in the morning, great buy!
Salvador R
Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
10 x 100 Grams
These are pretty damn close to some home made pancakes covered in sugar and maple syrup, they don't even have that protein taste you get in bars/cookies.
Loxton M
Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
Of course not as yum as the real deal, but a pretty damn good substitute for a healthy diet!
Barney Q
Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes
I used to wait til pancake Tuesday to have pancakes but not any more. Pancakes have never been so good. Whilst they taste amazing, they dish up a massive 70g of protein per serve! Forget eggs… I’m taking Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes from now on!
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