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Top 10 WPI

Top 10 Best WPI of 2016 - Review

A quick look at the supplements which fall under the category of whey protein isolate and one immediately sees it is jam-packed. That means it's getting harder and harder for supplement manufacturers to make new WPI supplements that stand out from the crowd. Having said that, there are a host of exciting new WPI supplements set for 2016. In this article we will take a look at what supplements might make up the top ten selling whey protein isolate's in 2016.

Top 10 WPI

Pure Supps 100% WPI

1. Pure Supps 100% WPI

Pure Supps burst onto the scene in 2015 and the brand has continued to grow steadily. Pure Supps 100% WPI offers a great value option for consumers that want a WPI, but don’t want to pay the average WPI price tag. At just $49.95 for a 1kg bag, there’s no doubt 100% WPI will take more ground in 2016 as more people hear about the Pure Supps brand.

Elemental Nutrition Xtreme WPI
2. Elemental Xtreme WPI

As a consistent good seller, Xtreme WPI from Elemental recently received a make-over in the form of a new label and name, but still retained its great quality formula. This has ensured the product has continued to take ground in the WPI market segment. Containing 90% protein by weight and less than 1% fat and carbs, it still ranks as one of the most potent WPI’s on the market. With its competitive price point, it’s hard to see this product losing any traction in 2016.

Species Isolyze
3. Species Isolyze

Isolyze stands out both with its bright transparent green tubs and its zero carb and zero fat content. Isolyze is a quality product that is a simple choice for the savy athlete/trainer who simply want the maximum amount of protein with the minimum amount of fat and sugar. Making the product even better are the funky flavours it comes in. Rather than just your average chocolate and vanilla, Species really spice things up with flavours such as vanilla peanut butter, cinnamon donut, chocolate peanut butter, caramel macchiato and cherry vanilla to name a few.

MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate
4. MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate

It was a long time coming, but MusclePharm finally released a stand-alone WPI, which they simply called Combat 100% Isolate; presumably in an attempt to leverage off the success of their original Combat protein powder. With whey protein isolate as the only protein ingredient, Combat 100% Isolate is a pretty straight forward product that doesn’t pull any punches. It’s a great option for those loyal to the MusclePharm brand, which should see it become a good seller in 2016.

Isopure Zero Carb
5. IsoPure Zero Carb

The unmistakeable IsoPure brand has been around for decades and were one of the first to selling whey protein in liquid form in a funky looking glass bottle. Recently, however, IsoPure has enjoyed a resurgence in Australia, with the brand now supplied in Australia by the same company behind Optimum Nutrition. By virtue of this fact, supplement users can expect to see IsoPure popping up in more and more places, which should mean more sales. The Zero Carb product is a great option for those after a totally lean WPI, but with a higher price tag than most, it’s hard to know how it will fair in 2016.
MuscleTech Iso Zero

6. MuscleTech Iso Zero

Iso Zero is another new product from MuscleTech that is pretty self-explanatory by virtue of its name.  It adds to the growing number of zero carb offerings in the WPI category. Setting Iso Zero apart from some of the other zero carb WPI’s is the fact that it doesn’t use any artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. With natural options becoming increasingly popular, this is a smart move by MuscleTech and for this reason we believe it will be a good seller in 2016.

Isopure Low Carb
7. IsoPure Low Carb

IsoPure is probably the only supplement company to have three different whey protein isolate supplements. With three different products, its far to say that they have the market segment covered. But it’s still worth highlighting IsoPure’s Low Carb in addition to their Zero Carb as a great quality WPI option. Billed as a meal replacement by virtue of its vitamin and mineral content, IsoPure Low Carb may appeal to individuals who like to use their WPI supplement as somewhat of a meal replacement. Expect to see this supplement popping up more and more in supplement stores and with online retailers in 2016.

MuscleTech Platinum 100% Iso Whey
8. MuscleTech Platinum Iso-Whey

Platinum Iso-Whey from MuscleTech just makes the cut into our top 10 WPI predictions for 2016. On most accounts, the new Platinum line from MuscleTech has not fared as well as hoped. Like many other WPI’s it comes with a dash of whey hydrolysate, but other than that is fairly standard in terms of its nutritional specs. But with the strength of the MuscleTech brand behind it, this product should still figure in the mix of top-selling WPI’s in 2016.


ISO-HD from BPI carries all the hallmarks you would expect of any quality WPI supplement, however, one way in which it seeks to differentiate itself is the third party testing it is subject to. Carried out by a lab called ChromaDex, this third-party testing seeks to confirm the protein is not ‘spiked’ and meet specficiation for ingredients identity, contaminants, heavy metals and microbials. So for those who demand transparency in their WPI supplement, ISO-HD is great option and for this reason, we think it will be a good seller in 2016. 

Scitec Nutrition ISO Great

10. SciTec Nutrition Iso Great

Yet another zero carb option, Iso Great from powerhouse supplement giant - SciTec Nutrition should prove to be popular in 2016 for the diehard WPI supplement lovers. It comes with bioactive whey protein isolate that’s been through a combination of low temperature cross-flow ultra-filtration and microfiltration purification techniques. In keeping with SciTec’s trend, Iso Great comes in a number of funky and unique flavours such as raspberry and cappuccino. Little differences like these are a great way of appealing to different customers within a crowded market segment like WPI.

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