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Best Supplements for Men

There are so many supplements on the market that it can be hard to keep up with the latest product releases, not to mention the science, and separate the good from the bad. Below are some of the best supplements in a number of important categories. Any one of these products are great recommendations for any guy looking to get serious about his health and fitness.

Best Protein Supplements for Men

Protein powder is something that is useful to every man. Even of you're not trying to get huge, muscle mass naturally decreases after hitting 25, dropping off by 0.5-1% every year, even faster if you don't take steps to maintain what you have. Sometimes it can be hard to get enough protein, particularly if you're active or work a physical job. Taking a protein powder is an easy way to meet your requirements. There's a lot of variety out there - Here are some of the best.

  • Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard is the world's #1 selling protein. Whey is complete and versatile and hailed as the king of proteins for good reason. ON 100% whey contains a great blend of whey protein isolate, concentrate and peptides and it is super soluble.
  • MusclePharm Combat could be the best tasting protein on the market. A well formulated blend containing a variety of high quality slow release and rapid acting ingredients, including single aminos, makes Combat a great all-round protein.
  • MuscleTech's Phase 8 is a very popular, high quality blend of milk-derived proteins. The different proteins in Phase 8 are digested at different rates, and each serve can supply the body with amino acids for up to eight hours.
  • Max's Muscle Growth GTE combines short and long acting proteins with free amino acids, including muscle builders like glutamine and taurine, and digestive enzymes to make sure the ingredients are properly digested and used efficiently.
  • Elemental Nutrition's 100% Whey is a great blend of different whey proteins -  many people consider this to be a better tasting alternative to Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey Gold Standard. Whey is rich in BCAAs which are crucial to muscle growth.

Best Creatine Supplements for Men

Next to protein powder, Creatine is probably the best supplement for men to take. It is a tried and true product backed up by years of scientific research. Not only does creatine enhance power, energy levels, and endurance, it can also help to maintain muscle mass.

  • MuscleTech Cell Tech is a fantastic product, which combines a huge dose of creatine with BCAAs, taurine for volumising and carbs and ALA to enhance uptake. You will see gains using CellTech.
  • Musashi Bulk Creatine Stack is another high quality product that combines creatine with amino acids and glucose for uptake. Bulk Creatine Stack also contains HMB to protect against muscle catabolism.
  • Some people prefer a pure creatine that they can stack themselves. Elemental Nutrition Creapure is nothing but creatine monohydrate, and creapure is the highest quality creatine in the world.

Best Testosterone Supplements for Men

For many men, testosterone levels can wane as they get older. Along with being a strongly anabolic hormone, important for muscle growth and maintainence, lowered levels of testosterone can have negative impacts on mood, energy and libido. There are many legal products on the market that naturally support and encourage the body to increase testosterone production.

  • Elemental Nutrition Massive Muscle Fuel Hardcore is a hugely popular product which combines big doses of a number of test boosting ingredients with oestrogen inhibitors and NO boosters. It is no surprise that this product has been a consistent bestseller since its release eight years ago.
  • Ronnie Coleman Testogen XR combines a number of testosterone enhancing ingredients that work in different ways into one of the best tasting testosterone boosters on the market. Testogen XR is great before a workout.
  • BSc Triandrobol has been around for a while, and combines many well researched ingredients into tablet form, which some people find preferable to a powder. BSc is a trusted Australian brand known for high quality.

Best HGH Supplements for Men

Like testosterone, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a hormone with an important role in muscle growth and overall health and wellbeing, that declines with age. Decreased HGH can result in muscle wasting, higher fat deposition, and weakening of the bones. Taking HGH without a prescription is illegal and dangerous, but there are a number of supplements that encourage natural HGH production.

  • Elemental Nutrition HGH contains a mix of amino acids that has been scientifically proven to boost secretion of HGH by up to 700% after ingestion. This is one of the most popular products around and repressents great value.
  • Powerzone Nutrition HGH is based on the same research and contains two different ingredients to buffer stomach acid, enhancing absorption.
  • Body Ripped HGH + ZMA is dosed a bit lower than other HGH supplements, but is great for those also interested in the sleep and muscle building benefits of ZMA.

Best Pre-workout Supplements for Men

Pre-workouts are a relatively new class of supplement, and have become extremely popular for their ability to get the most out of every workout. Pre-workout supplementation is worth considering by any man interested in increasing his motivation and results.

  • Cellucor's C4 Extreme is one of the best pre-workouts around. It is a concentrated blend that stimulates the mind and body without the peak and trough of some pre-workouts, and it is packed full of ingredients that support muscle building.
  • Prosupps Mr Hyde is a great product that provides a huge surge of energy. It has a unique formula and contains a number of natural extracts along with classic muscle building ingredients.
  • APS Mesomorph 2.0 is a hugely popular concentrated pre-workout well known for its strength and generous dosage of active ingredients. It contains a number of natural stimulants, along with ingredients supporting pump and endurance.
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