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Beast Super Test Review

Beast Sports Nutrition is known for their multifaceted approach to supplements. Unlike some other companies, they do not have dozens of products. Instead, they take the approach of making a small line-up, where each item has you well covered from head to toe. This is no exception with Beast Super Test, a testosterone support supplement that does more than just boost testosterone.

Super Test Highlights

  • Comprehensive test booster which feature 5 matrices of ingredients
  • Test booster, anti-estrogen, anti-DHT, No booster and liver support supplement
  • Well studied, clinically dosed ingredients
  • Stack with E-Liminate for best effects

Super Test Ingredients

There are five different matrices in Beast Test, which work synergistically to help boost testosterone and increase exercise performance. The bulk of the mixture is the Anabolic Testosterone Support Complex, containing puncture vine (tribulus), suma powder, ashwaganda, chlorophytum extract, rhodiola extract, fenugreek, tongkat ali extract (long jack), caste tree extract, and winged treebine extract. The second component is the Nitric Oxide Support Complex designed to increase nitric oxide, muscle pump, and to better deliver nutrients into muscles. This is made up of not one or two, but four forms of arginine, the classic nitric oxide booster. The Estrogen Control Factors help to prevent the conversion of testosterone into unwanted oestrogen. This is done with Japanese knotweed extract, diindolymethane (DIM), and calcium-D-glucarate. The Liver & Kidney Detoxification Support contains milk thistle extract, and cranberry extract, which can help support liver and kidney health. The final matrix is the DHT Control Factors which contain nettle root powder, Pygeum africanum extract, and pumpkin seed extract. These help to reduce levels of the “bad” testosterone metabolite that may cause side effects. In addition to this is Cyanotis vaga extract as well as a ZMA complex for addition testosterone support.

Super Test Effectiveness

With some well research ingredients and well thought out matrices, it is no surprise that Super Test is an effective test booster. It is a product that is most suited for the more senior and experienced trainers. If you are a beginner athlete, do not look to Super Test as your first supplement, because you need a good foundation first. With use over a few weeks, Super Test is expected to provide increases in lean mass and strength.

Super Test Pros

The major benefit of Super Test is that it is an all in one test booster. Many test boosters by competitors require you to buy two or more products in order to the same number of functions. Few test boosters also contain DHT and oestrogen blockers, not to mention liver support. In fact, Super Test may be the only test booster on the market that carries a built in liver support matrix. The liver is a vital organ that ensures the health of the rest of your body. Having this in a test booster is a sensible decision that not many others have made.

Super Test Cons

Super Test was originally made in capsule form for the American market. Although the ingredients have largely remained unchanged, it was made into a powder for the Australian market. In doing so it was necessary to add a significant portion of flavouring and sweetening agents in order to mask the harsh flavours of the herbs used. This resulted in a product that seemingly has quite a lot of filler material.

Although the Nitric Oxide Support Complex is also a unique addition to Super Test, the choice of ingredients used is somewhat questionable. In light of evidence to suggest that there are better nitric oxide boosters, such as citrulline, it is somewhat unusual for Beast to have selected arginine derivatives.

Super Test Flavour & Mixability

Super Test is currently only available in iced tea (Iced-T) flavour, and it is a welcomed change to the usual fruit punch and other typical concoctions. The flavour tries hard to mask the herbal flavours often associated with powdered test boosters. However it still contains the characteristic and unmistakenable taste of herbal ingredients. Mixability is good, though there are some fine particulates remaining, most likely due to the use of insoluble botanicals.

Super Test Verdict

Beast Super Test is a good all-round testosterone booster that does more than help increase testosterone levels. Instead, it can be seen as a four in one product that offers additional oestrogen blockers, nitric oxide boosters, and kidney and liver support. If you are an advanced or senior bodybuilder, Beast Super Test is a good product to put on the top of your hormone support shopping list.

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