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Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Review

Colorado based Axis Labs is a supplement company that is slowly making a definitive mark in the industry and competing some of the more famous companies around. Already a household name in the States, the company has worked hard to build their international image since 2006 and have recruited a dedicated following to their product line. After going through a recent rebranding in 2013, one of their newest supplement releases has been their pre-workout Sma5h Compound 5 – Packed with Pump Pellets. Let’s take a quick look at the pre-workout and see how it compares with other competitors.

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Highlights

  • 5 Potent Complexes of Ingredients to Support Strength, Endurance, Pump, Energy & Focus
  • Exclusive Pump Pellets Technology for Performance & Pump
  • Comprehensive Concentrated Pre-Workout & Great Taste

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Ingredients & Dosage

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 is a concentrated pre-workout aimed at enhancing pump, focus, energy, strength and even supporting good joint health. The supplement contains 5 complexes of ingredients contained in the Sma5h Compound 5 Proprietary Blend. These complexes includes:

  • Slingshot Strength & Endurance Infusion (4,100 mg) – A blend of beta alanine as Carnosyn and creatine HCL.
  • Hyper-Vasodilation Infusion (3,150 mg) – Which contains 3 ingredients including glycerol monostearate, acetyl L-carnitine HCL and L-Glycine
  • Joint Support Axis Infusion (500 mg) – Including the two popular joint support ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Phire Energy Infusion (255 mg) – A mix of caffeine and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Focus Amplifying Infusion (160mg) – Two stimulant based compounds including L-Phenylethylamine and N-Methyltyramine HCL

Each recommended 10g serving of Sma5h Compound 5 provides 8,165 mg of active ingredients. Advanced users however may choose to use two scoops. The supplement itself comes in a 450g tub which allows for 45 servings.

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Pros & Effectiveness

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 is an interesting supplement which is reminiscent of another pre-workout by Giant Sports – Metabolic Bioshock; which was designed to support a wide variety of functions rather than just energy and pump for instance. The range of ingredients used in Sma5h definitely has research supporting its use and effectiveness. Beta alanine and creatine are both well known for their abilities to enhance endurance and strength respectively, while glycerol and glycine have been known to support influx of fluid into the cells.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are two of the most utilised ingredients to support joint health, whilst caffeine, tyrosine, phenylethylamine and methyltyramine have all been studied to support energy, focus and attention thanks to their stimulatory nature and their ability to affect neurotransmitters such as dopamine and noradrenaline; which are very effective for improved mental performance under stress such as with intense exercise.

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Cons

While the majority of the ingredients in Sma5h Compound 5 have plenty of research supporting its use, there are some odd inclusions. While creatine HCL is considered more soluble than regular creatine monohydrate; whether this results in greater absorption and similar increases in muscle creatine levels is still not yet elucidated. Acetyl L-Carnitine is known for its ability to support mental performance but also to support the influx of fatty acids into the mitochondria to be used as fuel. However, including it into the Hyper-Vasodilation matrix seems like an odd choice, since there is very little research to support its ability to support intracellular flux of water into the cells. Regardless though, acetyl L-carnitine is still an excellent ingredient to include in a pre-workout.

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Taste & Mixability

Axis Lab’s Sma5h Compound 5 is currently available in two flavours; Glacier Punch and Watermelon. The pre-workout mixes well in the recommended volume of water without any residue and very little frothing. The flavours aren’t too bad and one can definitely take the supplement long term, however the watermelon is slightly better than the glacier punch flavour.

Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5 Verdict

There’s been a recent trend as of late for producing pre-workouts that are more comprehensive in their functions than just being potent stim filled shakes. Sma5h Compound 5 by Axis Labs utilises an excellent host of well researched ingredients to support multiple facets of workout performance and recovery including energy, strength, focus, attention, pump, endurance and even joint health. If your old school stim based pre-workouts just aren’t cutting it anymore, Sma5h Compound 5 is definitely the next tier of pre-workouts to try.

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