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ATP Subcut Review

Quick Summary Points

  • Body-shaping serum that can be used for both men and women
  • Powerful range of ingredients to help break down stubborn fat on areas like hips, thighs or buttocks
  • Contains antioxidant agents to prevent damage of elastin and collagen
  • Minimises the appearance of cellulite

ATP Science is an Australian company that is known to create new and innovative products. ATP have developed and launched a new product to the market known as ATP Subcut. This is a revolutionary and well-researched cream that contains potent ingredients to assist in targeting specific areas of the body to achieve improved muscle definition and reduction in cellulite.  

What is Subcut? 

ATP Subcut is a specially designed transdermal cream that has the ability to reduce fat deposits on areas you want to target the most. It is an advanced fat burner that can be easily applied to the skin and improve your appearance by firming and toning your body.  

ATP Subcut Highlights

  • Improve muscle definition
  • Target stubborn areas of fat deposits in the body  
  • Skin firming properties for reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • Coleus Forskohli- helps increase the breakdown of fat

ATP Subcut Ingredients & Dosage

The ingredients contained in Subcut are listed below:

  • Coleus Forskohli- help break down fat deposits of the body
  • Guarana (Paulinia Cupana)- maximises fat break down together with Coleus Forskohli
  • Silybin- assists with regulating fat protein and prevent the development of new fat cells
  • Red Thunder- enhances elastin and collagen (skin tightening)
  • Black Pepper Oil- helps the absorption of other ingredients to effectively target fat
  • Du Zhong- helps to tighten the skin and slowly help with stretch marks and loose skin

ATP Subcut Benefits, Pros & Effectiveness

Subcut contains a range of powerful ingredients that all individually act to break down fat deposits on stubborn areas of the body. Each fat burning property in Subcut plays a significant role in helping you target the areas you are finding hard to get rid of. The main active ingredient in Subcut is Coleus Forskohli which works together with Guarana to enhance the effects of Coleus Forskohli in decreasing fat deposits.

Although each ingredient in Subcut is significant, the main highlight of this product is a new ingredient known as Du Zhong. It has been extensively researched by ATP Science that has been proven to offer multiple benefits in reducing fat. The way Du Zhong works in Subcut is that when it is applied on the connective tissue it is said to help with stretch marks, elasticity and loose skin. It also has the function in helping to keep the layers between the skin look tighter and vascular. This is great for those who are looking to improve muscle definition and want to tone certain areas of the body.  

ATP Subcut Side Effects 

ATP Subcut does not have any side effects compared to other products on the market as this cream works to target areas underneath the skin which gets mobilised into the blood stream and acts as a source of energy to prevent it from re-depositing in the body.

ATP Subcut Verdict 

For those looking for another alternative to taking powders of tablets, Subcut is a great option that can be easily applied. Overall, Subcut is an excellent product to help achieve weight loss goals, make the body firmer and help tighten and tone parts of the body you want to get rid of.

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