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ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay
Yippee Ki Yay
Powered By: ATP Science

Clean, Natural Pre-Workout

  • Sustained Release of Energy
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Focus for Workout, Gaming or Productivity
  • Contains Sought-After Spice Saffron
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Yeeha!", "Cmon!", "Giddy Up!", "Hasta La Vista" were all words and phrases that came to mind when trailing this delicious drink, but only “Yippee KI Yay!" truly embodied the feeling when the caffeine hit and we were switched ON!  This new sustained release, the all-natural pre-workout formula will leave you feeling focused and ready for your next workout, gaming session and/or just when you really need that extra push to get through your working day or study session.

This pre-workout formula is designed with only the best in class, high-quality, evidence-based ingredients.  In fact, one ingredient is so special, it is the most expensive ingredient we have ever purchased for our products and it is so worth it.  Saffron is an ingredient that has been used for donkey years across the globe, for many great reasons that we cannot mention here, and is one of the most expensive spices in the world.


• Performance Approved Formula

• Focus Approved Formula

• Up to 240mg of caffeine and 80g of sustained-release caffeine from ZumXR®.

• 30mg of SAFR'INSIDE™ per serve

• Plus other potent ingredients including Alpha GPC, Panax Ginseng, and Acetyl L-Carnitine.

• Yippee Ki Yay has NO artificial colours or flavours.

• Manufactured in ATP Science very own HACCP and GMP approved ISO9001 approved facility in Brisbane Australia.

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ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay
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  • What is ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay?

    Yippee Ki Yay is a natural pre-workout powder containing only natural ingredients, colours and flavourings. It's main design is to increase energy and focus before training or gym workouts. It may also be used for other high physical energy OR high mental focus activities.

  • How much caffeine is in ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay?

    Yippee Ki Yay contains approximately 350mg of caffeine equivilent stimulants. This is 240mg of caffeine anhydrous plus other stimulants.

  • What benefits may I expect from ATP Yippee Ki Yay?

    The main benefit would be increased energy, focus and performance whilst working out. We'd recommend taking Yippee Ki Yay 20 minutes before working out for best results.

  • Is Yippee Ki Yay suitable for women?

    Yes. ATP Yippee Ki Yay is ideal for both men and women.

  • Can I take Yippee Ki Yay in the evening?

    We'd recommend NOT taking ATP Yippee Ki Yay within 6 hours of sleeping due to the stimulants contained in the formula. These stimulants may cause an inability to get or stay asleep.

  • Does Yippee Ki Yay contain creatine or beta-alanine?

    No. ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay does NOT contain creatine or beta-alanine.

  • Is ATP Yippee Ki Yay Safe?

    Yes. When taken by healthy adults as directed ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay is safe.

ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay
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ATP Science Yippee Ki Yay
250g / 50 Serves Apple Berry
A nice well flavoured pre workout.
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