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ATP Vegan Aminos Review

Quick Summary Points

  • ATP Science Vegan Aminos is an ethically sourced, transparent & 100% vegan friendly essential amino acid supplement
  • Vegan Aminos can help promote muscle growth, enhance nutrient absorption & support bone structure & increase collagen production
  • Formula utilises only clean vegan ingredients like hydroxyproline, histidine & non-GMO sugars
  • Suitable for all individuals and best taken 1-2 times during the day before, after or during exercise

What are ATP Vegan Aminos?

Vegan Aminos by ATP Science is another game-changing essential amino supplement formulated for both vegans and non-vegans. Our bodies require the nine essential amino acids as we cannot convert or synthesise these on our own. This means this must be obtained from our daily diet. While vegans are rarely deficient in total dietary protein, the amino acid profile is often very different. As such, it’s important to have a quality source of essential aminos, regardless of your dietary requirements or fitness training level.

How are Aminos Made? 

They don’t extract aminos from plants. It is too expensive and too low yield with too much burden on the environment and potential GMO infiltration. Instead, vegan essential aminos are made through fermentation of sugars from plants; the sugars are Non-GMO and the microbes involved are also non-GMO. This is how our intestinal microbiome makes amino acids for us and them in our normal digestive process. So that is actually common sense and nice and clean with very low environmental impact.

ATP Vegan Aminos Highlights

  • Ethically sourced from plants & suitable for vegans & non-vegans
  • Provides 9 aminos the body cannot product naturally 
  • Support muscle repair and growth
  • Build and maintain collagen levels 
  • Contains no feathers, no pigskin & no blood 

ATP Vegan Aminos Ingredients & Dosage

Vegan Aminos formula contains all 9 essential amino acids and added BCAAs at its respective doses for muscle repair and growth. There are three main ingredients to look out for in the product. These are hydroxyproline, AstraGin® and histidine which will be discussed in more detail below.

ATP Vegan Aminos Benefits & Pros

Many people are not aware that most non-vegan aminos are made using ingredients such as duck feathers, animal blood and animal skin. ATP Science is a brand known for their research and development in providing their customers the best and validated products utilising only scientific proven ingredients. This is why Vegan Aminos was created to provide a superior plant-based amino acid solution. ATP Science Vegan Essential Aminos has been intentionally jam-packed with ingredients vital to good health and performance that are often deficient in the average vegan diet - From BCAAs to support muscle repair and growth, to Hydroxyproline to help build and maintain collagen levels and more, Vegan Essential Aminos is loaded with all of your favourite muscle and performance enhancing ingredients that have been entirely synthesised or fermented from plants. As mentioned briefly above, hydroxyproline is one of the main ingredients that is crucial to build and maintain collagen that adds elasticity and structure flexibility to the skin, gut, connective tissue and muscle fascia. 

Hydroxyproline is a core ingredient that is a major component and building block of collagen production found in some moss or algae or in terms of dietary sources, it can be made from Vitamin C combined with animal sources that contain proline. Hydroxyproline makes up 13.5% of our collagen helix structure. As such, it’s no secret that this ingredient is essential for providing elasticity, flexibility, and structural integrity to our bones, skin, ligaments, gut and muscle fascia. However, did you know that Hydroxyproline is almost entirely absent in a plant-based vegan-diet? Without Hydroxyproline you cannot build or maintain collagen, which may have a detrimental impact on those who are training, ageing, inflamed or trying to improve their performance. A particularly important supplement for vegan-based diets, Hydroxyproline deficiency may impact bone and dental health, muscle and joint connective tissue, injury management, mucosal linings of the gut, oral, respiratory and reproductive membranes, menstrual cycle and wound healing abilities.

If you’re familiar with supplements, you will notice that there are many companies adding  AstraGin® which is a patented trademark that consists of a combination of ginseng and astragalus. AstraGin® has shown in over a dozen in-vitro studies to improve the absorption of amino acids, peptides, fatty acids, folate, glucosamine and other nutrients in Caco-2 cell, the gold standard used by drug companies to study the absorption of new drug. It is also known for its ability in aiding the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients.

ATP Vegan Aminos Taste, Flavour & Mixability

Vegan Aminos are available in three unique flavours. These include Kakadu Plum, Raspberry and Kola. In general, the flavours do lean towards the sweeter end but does have a great consistency. A tip for users wanting a more refreshing drink is to mix it with some sparkling water. Vegan Aminos mixes well, very easy to drink and doesn’t cause any gut bloating. 

ATP Vegan Aminos Verdict

Whether your vegan or non-vegan seeking for clean and super high quality aminos, ATP Science Essential Vegan Aminos is the product designed for you. Take your results to new heights the clean, ethical and transparent way thanks to ATP Science’s premium quality plant-based amino acid formula, Vegan Essential Aminos!

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