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Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC)

Quick Summary Points 

  • Performance enhancer for both mental & physical activities
  • Improve growth hormone production to enhance power output
  • Increase strength and assist with muscle tissue repair
  • Resistance to fatigue, longer training 
  • Best taken 1 hour before training

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC or Glycerylphosphorylcholine is a cholinergic compound that is used for its cognitive-promoting properties, and to enhance power output in athletes. It is also a form of choline that increases power output and growth hormone.

Where Does Alpha GPC Come From? 

Alpha GPC is a natural precursor from neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is important for the function of memory and cognitive processes. It is a choline compound that is purified from soy lecithin and is considered a potent nootropic supplement.  Although the body naturally produces Alpha GPC, you can also take it from various food sources (mainly milk or soy) or supplements available in the market. 

Alpha GPC Benefits for Athletes & Bodybuilders

In a body building perspective or for those who are wanting to bulk up, many are on the search to gain the benefits from taking supplements especially ones that have been evidently researched. Alpha-GPC is a water-soluble compound that has been sparking interest in the public for its ability to enhance growth hormone production. This is one of the unique properties of Alpha GPC that is different to other choline supplements. 

HGH is a vital anabolic peptide hormone that is significant especially within the sports and nutrition industry because of its effects to promote muscular growth. It is also responsible for increasing protein synthesis, energy levels and cell repair in your body. Studies have been conducted that taking Alpha GPC can boost energy levels almost 200% which is equivalent to almost double the average HGH levels post workout.

For all the trainers or anyone training, it is important to increase your body’s power and strength due to the depletion of acetylcholine. Alpha GPC helps to enhance the mind-body connection by improving neural function in the brain and allows your body to utilise more of your muscle fibers during exercise. By increasing both Growth Hormone (GH) levels and contractile strength, Alpha GPC quickly makes athletes more powerful and more resistant to fatigue so training can last longer.

Alpha GPC Side Effects

Most of the side effects in association with Alpha GPC is dose dependent. This can be avoided or eliminated by switching to a smaller dose. If you do experience the symptoms including dizziness, migraine or heartburn it is a sign to discontinue use of supplement. If you follow the standard dosage, most individuals should not experience any side effects and is suitable for athletes and bodybuilders.

Alpha GPC Recommended Dosages & Ingredient Timing

The recommended dosage for athletes and bodybuilders is between 300-600mg. It appears to be pharmacologically active at higher dosages but that varies for each individual. The directions of use for Alpha GPC is recommended to be taken in the morning before you work out and take approximately an hour before your next workout session.

Alpha GPC Final Verdict

Alpha GPC is gradually growing in popularity thanks to its nootropic benefits to support and enhance your focus, memory and training performance. So, for those who want a healthier, happier whilst maximising training performance; be sure to take note of this ingredient.

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